Internet Startup Computer Learning on Line Term Paper

Internet Startup Computer Learning on Line Term Paper

Online Learning Business

This research report answers a good few questions pertaining to computer online learning company which intends to survey the potential market and various other related aspects before taking the plunge in the cyber sea. The Works Cited appends four sources in MLA format.

Internet startup “Computer Learning online”

Corporate training is evolving into performance support. I don’t see them as courses. I see it as a knowledge resource. You work with a manager, find your deficiencies, and go online for the tools to improve.” “Steve Teal, e-learning director at Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., the $19.4 billion a year pharmaceutical company in New York.” (E-Learning News, reference 1)

This is because online computer learning classes offer not mere courses as Teal opinionates but they offer a rich array of helping study material and a complete guide that equips individuals with the much-needed awareness regarding the computerized learning of computer. On the same account, Freddie Corporation, a big and well-reputed name in the cyber world is now planning to start another Internet Company based on computer E-learning. Although minting money through Net is becoming a common practice with various firms entering the cyber race equipped with latest technology and innovative ideas. It is not as simple as it seems. Making money and generating a profitable business in the virtual world is far from easy. Therefore, before the start-up companies become public by going online, they conduct not only the market survey but also several other aspects in order to ensure a promising future for their company. Similarly, for starting a Computer E-learning business, Freddie Corporation considered the following questions, the answers to which provide a highly useful guide for any Internet-based startup company that intends to conduct online computer classes. For introducing online classes on Unix System Administration and for Freddie Corporation to undergo a successful business venture, following is a list of questions essential to be considered and completely answered while applying expertise and experience:

Is the business proposition/concept novel?

Answer # 1: The very first consideration to make is to check on the novelty of the business concept. That is what will help Freddie Corporation attract various value-added investors. The more unique a business proposition is, the easier it is to gain monopoly. However, the business venture as selected by Freddie Corporation has immense potential to create value and massive returns in the form of profit and technological development. What makes this business proposition have an edge over others is the fact that researchers in the field have rated online learning to be the number one business opportunity among the top ten business opportunities for 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 (E-learning News). Since this concept of learning is yet in the process of development, Freddie Corporation can certainly benefit from the innovative yet highly challneging notion. By entering the cyber race of online learning, the purpose of Freddie Corporation is not to accomplish monopoly. But the primary aim and the real reason behind the leg work is to provide students, employers, employees, mentors, instructors, researchers and those even remotely connected to the cybernetic world of computer and Internet can reap the endless benefits of the quickest form of learning that is E-learning.

Does the venture have potential to create value?

Answer # 2: The business venture offering online computer classes has an infinite potential to create value for its customers as well as to add value to the entire system of streamlined businesses. This business enterprise under the name Freddie assists various companies in increasing technological awareness through the process of e-learning. Companies that educate its employees through online computer courses offered by Freddie Corporation will be able to launch quick changes, ramp up new hires, facilitate faster growth, acquire and retain the best people and increase job satisfaction and will improve customer service” (E-learning News, reference 1). This is because, Freddie’s online computer learning classes offer “always on training for problem solving, close knowledge gaps and educate distant employees (belonging to different companies) worldwide” (E-learning news, reference 1) apart from equipping individuals with latest courses in the computer world that determine a successful career of innumerable persons.

In addition to the above, the online computer learning under the management of Freddie Corporation also makes provision of effective and efficient method of communication thereby reducing communication problems and costs of its clients. Furthermore, the e-learning computer classes with the expert and informative instructors of Freddie save the precious time of the employed tutors and other faculty members as well as of the students and employees who are interested in receiving online computer educational courses. By using advanced technological integrated approaches, Freddie Corporation enables its clientele especially students, working women, individuals belonging to the research community, busy employers and first-line supervisors to elongate “the learning process while compressing the amount of necessary face-to-face time” (How to get started with e-learning, reference 3).

What is the economic advantage over traditional business?

Answer # 3: Traditional businesses including all forms of business dealings other than involving e-commerce and electronic media do run profitable business but they do not prove as lucrative as business enterprises offering E-learning. Since Freddie Corporation offers online computer learning, it will have an edge over other traditional businesses worldwide particularly in the economic sphere. This is because by offering online courses to other companies, academic institutions and research communities as well as to various governmental agencies that require Unix System Administration, it will certainly attract more consumers thereby generating huge turnover. By offering online learning to its own employees working under the experienced and reputed name of Freddie, the company will be able to augment is productivity many folds unlike several traditional businesses (e-learning news, reference 1). Moreover, Freddie Corporation through Internet-based computer learning can further abate its training as well as travel costs thereby accomplishing “competitive advantages” (e-learning news, reference 1).

Moreover, by using the latest form of technology and the quickest medium of communication thereby minimizing the uncountable and deteriorating communication barriers that increase the communication gap, Freddie Corporation will also save hundreds of dollars that traditional businesses incur as a result of ineffective and slow communication system.

How will the venture generate its revenues?

Answer # 4: Freddie Corporation can surely attract investors from Universities, the highest level of academic institution that is really looking forward to web-based communication and teaching. All the good universities have massive funding and huge reserves that can be explored and utilized in this business venture by adequate correspondence thereby convincing these big pocket investors. Moreover, research communities are also a good source of generating revenues for this business propositions. This is because research centers and other market research firms like International Data Corporation, The International Institute of Standards and Technologies and Association Management are always on a constant look out for sources that can reveal significant data and research material on which they base their research studies and in return earn in millions and billions. In addition to the above, by taking Freddie Corporation’s all the fundamental stakeholders in confidence that is “getting a management buy-in” (How to get started with e-learning) including senior management and the top executives of Information technology department and Human resource Department, the start-up firm can generate huge revenues. The top management can be of great help and can assist the Start-up Company in tapping the dormant revenue generating sources to create more capital for the upcoming firm offering online computer learning services.

What is the size of the target market?

Answer # 5: The size of the target market for Freddie online computer learning courses can be best gauged by the research findings of the International Data Corporation (IDC) that is one of the top market research firms situated in Framingham, Mass (E-learning News, reference 1). A highly informative and an extensively researched report by IDC highlights the significance and the scope of online learning business as well as the rapid pace at which companies worldwide are realizing the importance of Internet based instructions and education (E-learning News, reference 1). The research report of International Data Corporation reveals the fact that almost half of the academic institutions including universities and colleges (too early for schools though) in North America have started educating their students by providing online learning facilities and other computer courses through the Internet (E-learning News, reference 1). The systems administrators and systems consultants of International Data Corporation expect “compound growth rate of 147%” per annum through 2005 (E-learning News, reference 1). Furthermore, “IDC expects the U.S. market for corporate e-learning to more than triple from $4.2 billion in 2001 to $18 billion by 2005. The U.S. Army last year allocated $500 million U.S. To creating an e-university that will deliver courses to its personnel” (E-learning News, reference 1). Thus the International Data Corporation “predicts the market will grow from $6.6 billion in 2002 to $23.7 billion in 2006” (E-learning News, reference 1).

In addition to the above, the potential target market offering and dealing in online learning according to…


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