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InformationMaking a wise decision takes more than just guesswork. This very reason makes it very important to conduct background checks. These background checks can be run by an employer or landlord to know who they are dealing with so that they can make an educated decision. It helps you to comprehend the background of an individual and evaluate his/her complete past. This can include, but is not limited to identity check, education check, employment history check, medical history, financial history, credit history check and criminal history check. This helps the person conducting the background check to gain trust in you from the start. The main objective of conducting the background check is to ensure that the information provided is accurate and can safeguard the interest of the person conducting the background check against fraudulent activities, income loss or damage to reputation.   It is important to comply with the federal laws of the country where the background check is being run to ensure the protection of the applicants and employees from discrimination. This can be based on discrimination on the basis of race, color, origin, religion, disability, sex, genetic information (encompassing family medical history), and age. These laws have been enforced to encourage Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). On top of it, if the background check is run through a company in business, it needs to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA has been enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Before conducting the background checks, it is of paramount importance to check the laws of the state and municipalities where the background check is being run. The reason for that is there are certain states and municipalities that regulate the use of background check for employment purposes.What is a Background Check?A background check assists the person conducting it to scrutinize the commercial, criminal and sometimes financial records of an individual and ensures that the information provided by the individual is 100% accurate to safeguard your interest from any negative aspects including damage of reputation, loss of income and fraudulent activity.Who can take advantage of background check?The background check is run by employers to check the background history of their candidates during the recruitment process. It is even used by landlords to make a wise decision pertaining to the selection of the right tenants who have a good financial history that can easily pay off the rent or bills. Background check by landlord takes the guesswork out of the picture and gives comprehensive information that helps you to make an informed decision about whom to rent.It has been estimated that nearly 40% of resumes contain false or tweaked information. This very reason makes it very important for employers to run background checks on potential candidates. There has also been an increase of fraudulent tenants in the country which has made it even more important for landlords to conduct background checks before renting their place. cFirst understands this situation and so with the help of our precise background checks you can expect precise and accurate results that can provide you a wealth of information to make wise decisions. Our online background check process at cFirst is very swift, effective and affordable which makes it very easy for you to get the verification done efficiently. So, opt for background check from cFirst today and get first-hand information that is precise, timely and accurate for wise decision making!


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