Industrial or heavy-duty washing machinesare generally horizontal axis washing

Industrial Washing Machineis also called ‘Washer’ or
‘Extractor’ machines and is generally
used for the laundry in Internal Business operations. Many industries,for example, thetextile
industry may require heavy duty laundry which is not possible on Domestic Washing machines. These washing
machines are also different from the public laundromat machines in terms of
features and washing capability. Heavy
duty washing machineis a type of Industrial washing machine offer thehigher capability of above 100 kilograms of
washing and in some cases, it offers
batch washing capability of around 360 kilograms of wash capability.

These washer
machines come with automatic as well as manual injection of washing detergent
liquid which allows optimum use of detergent for ahigh volume of laundry. Automatic injection mechanism is
intelligent and does not require manual labour
to measure and adjust the detergent for varying types of load. Many Heavy Duty washing machinesare fitted
with shock absorbers in the concrete floor to address the vibration generated
from this high volume of heavy-duty wash
loads. Unlike the domestic and public washing machines, industrial washers
accept the production of noise high-intensity
vibration. The load and extraction of this high volume of laundry are generally
conducted through a conveyor belt which loads into the wash drum and also
extracts out of the machine. This means that industrial washing machines or heavy-duty washing machinesare generally
horizontal axis washing machines. However, the market also offers some top-load
or front-load features.

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It can be
concluded that the industrial washing machines provide the solution for the high
volume and heavy duty washing required by the various industries to wash and rinseseveralfabrics.
They feature advanced detergent injection system and requires infrastructure
for addressing the weight of laundry, thenoise
of operation and high-intensity


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