Indra as a sales manager. She faced great challenges

Indra Nuwei is an Indian-born businesswoman and executive and is currently CEO of PepsiCo, one of the most powerful and prominent business women in the past 30 years.Indra Nui was born on October 28, 1955 in Madras, India, into a middle-class conservative family. Her father worked as a bank employee, studied at the Anglo Indian Preparatory School and despite being a chaotic and chaotic girl at the beginning of her life, Where she graduated in 1974 after studying mathematics, physics and chemistry, and then got a diploma in management from the Indian Institute of Management.Indra began working with the British textile company Tootal and then moved to Johnson & Johnson, where she worked as a sales manager. She faced great challenges in her knowledge, especially when advertising on hygiene goods for women was banned in India, forcing Indra to take direct marketing of the goods to women. Work and universities.Working with Johnson & Johnson, Indra realizes that she is still not fully ready for business, so she decided to develop herself as she emigrated to the United States in 1978 to obtain a master’s degree in management from Yale University and graduated in 1980 with Master’s degree.Indra then started working with Boston Consulting Group as the international project manager for the company and continued her position for six years before moving to Motorola, where she quickly moved up positions until she was appointed as director of strategic and planning projects at the company.In 1994, she began working with PepsiCo Global as vice president of development and remote planning, and began working intensively with the CEO to form long-term plans for the company.In 1997, Indra played a major role in moving away from the Pizza Hut and KFC restaurants that were owned by PepsiCo. The result was Yum! Which is today one of the largest chain of restaurants in the world, and Indra has promoted the company’s health policy by buying Tropicana Natural Juice and QuakerOats for healthy food, which has made the company a big profit.In recognition of her work, Indra Yue was appointed CFO in 2000 and President in 2001. When CEO Steve Reinmend retired from office in 2006, Indra was appointed to be the fifth executive director of PepsiCo.The fortune of Indra Nui is estimated at $ 145 million, rated by Fortune Magazine as the number one businesswoman for five consecutive years and ranked on Forbes magazine’s list of most influential women in the world.


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