India work force. While India’s economy has been improving,

is country that manages to allow women in important positions while still
undermining women in several ways. India’s most powerful political figure,
billionaires, regional politicians, influential CEOs, and several local
government representatives are all women. But even with these improvements, women
are still illiterate, spousal rape is legal, sex-selective abortion, and female
infanticide are still practiced. Although living as a women had improved, it is
still not enough to completely change the lives women in India. As more cases
against women for rape and abuse has increased, there have been increased legal
protection for women, but in terms of economic and political situations, gender
equality is yet to come.

are many countries like India that still have major gender inequality issues. In
many of these countries, women have limited amount of opportunities compared to
men. The strongest issues in gender inequality for these countries is the positions
women have in the work force. While India’s economy has been improving, it
cannot even begin to rival China’s booming economy. When comparing India and
China, their major reason for the difference in the economic growth is the the
proportion of their population in the work force. China has a extensive work
force of women compared to India’s work force. India’s female labor
participation rate was 29 percent while China’s female labor participation rate
was 28%. Comparing these two countries India is far less than China. This
indicates how far China is far ahead of India in terms of the economy.

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to the International Labor Organization, India’s female labor participation
rate has been declining throughout the years. The decline is a result of
limited opportunity for women as well as the difficulty of working after
childbirth. Only a quarter of India’s 473 million work force consists of women.

If an addition of 203 million women were to enter the workforce, it would
increase India’s annual economic growth by 4 percent. The most crucial results would
be the advantages for women in economic and political factors. This possibility
would have also opened up interaction internationally making India become a
worldwide investment.

more women in India’s work may have opened some ways for its growth, there are
cultural and social norms keeping them away from the work force. India’s
cultural and social beliefs against women in marriage, motherhood, unfair
gender discrimination and patriarchy are reasons why India is ranked the 11th
from the bottom in female participation rate.

marriage doesn’t seem like a huge deal for some, India has strict cultural
beliefs of marriage for women. India’s gender norms to protect women from other
men and ban women from leaving their house without accompany is still widely
believed. There are still men that refuses to let their daughter, wife, sister
or daughter in law to go out for job interviews or trainings, which constricts
their only option to be housewives. But even wen are women employed, they are
usually employed in less important positions and receive a lower pay check
compared to men.

these past years, the government has been enforcing policies that supports
gender equality. By today, there are several policies that allow women to
receive equal pay, rights, and opportunities as men. But even though there are
policies, making them work in reality is taking much longer in India. Not long
ago Bangladesh wasn’t very different with India in terms of women in the work
force, but now most workers in their work force are women. It seems that India
need more policies that will create a market for women in the work force and
expand limited opportunities for women. Furthermore, to make sure that women
are supported in the work force, they should go through job trainings and programs.

The government needs to ensure that all of India’s women can get the
opportunity to work equally as men in India.


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