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In the article “One day, your sunscreen may be made from DNA” by Kathiann Kowalski is about how scientists early tests may show promise for making sunscreen out of DNA.  Guy German, a biomedical engineer at Binghamton University in New York notes that, “DNA molecules can be damaged when exposed to sunlight.”   He spoke with Mark Lyles, a biochemist at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, who had an idea about using DNA films in products.  German’s team ordered the male sperm cells of salmon and mixed it with water and ethanol to create the film.  They exposed it to UVA and UVB, two broad spectra of UV light that can harm DNA, to test how well the film worked.  “At first, ‘the films can block up to 90 percent of UVB wavelengths and up to 20 percent of UVA wavelengths,’ German reports.”, but as they they were exposed the UVA and UVB light for longer, they could block more UV light.  Researchers have two ideas on why their sunscreen or film works the way it does and those are, “UV light creates more connections among the film’s DNA molecules.” or, “Sunlight changes the film’s individual DNA molecules in ways that let them absorb more light.”.  Clara Pariccillio is a materials chemist and she is intrigued on how the film works, but it could also work well as  a wound covering.  Scientists will look further into this to see how it works and how to develop it. I chose this article because I was very interested in how sunscreen can be better, since summer will come again.  As well as damage to DNA molecules due to UV light can cause skin cancer, something I know I want to avoid.  This relates to science because it talks about genetics and a scientific experiment was made to figure something out.  This could also be beneficial to everyone when it comes to protecting their skin when the sun is shining.  We can apply it to ourselves by being aware of our skin and it’ll help us avoid broken DNA molecules and skin cancer.  This article is extremely applicable and beneficial to everyone with skin care, especially when it comes to being out in the sunshine.


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