In vehicles as well. (Essays, 2013) On the other

In the recent years, more and more people use biofuels as to save money and rescue the world from global warming.  Therefore, it is difficult to form an idea of the benefits or drawbacks of biofuels.  A fuel which derived from organic matter, usually obtained from plants directly or indirectly from agricultural, commercial, domestic, and industrial wastes are known as biofuel.  (Business Dictionary, 2018)  To discuss the benefits and drawbacks of biofuels, it can separate to different aspects: social, economy and environment.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the United States of America is a country which produces most biofuel in the world.  (Myers, 2015)  One of the most well-known biofuel company – Arizona Biodiesel, its CEO, Dan Rees, believes that “biofuel should benefit the local economy and benefit the local environment.”  (Hardaway, 2009)  In the aspect of social and economic, creating new career opportunities in the rural area is the benefit of biofuel.  The biofuel’s company could employ different workers to increase the revenue, consequently, decrease the unemployment rate.  Besides, the demanding of bio crops increased, hence, biofuels companies employ more workers in the agriculture industry.  Compared to the fossil fuels, biofuels are easily renewed.  The more biofuels we have, the more revenue earned and the more job opportunities we have.

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Divided to the social aspect, biofuels are convenient to the world.  To compare with the renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy, using biofuel is not necessary to switch (Morriss, 2011)  Regarding the vehicles, the using of biofuels (bio-diesel and bio-petrol) do not need to modify in the engines of vehicles as well.  (Essays, 2013)

On the other hand of the economic aspect, according to the Clean Cities Alternative Fuel Price Report.  Biofuels are far more expensive than the traditional fuels as chemists improve biofuels to be an efficient energy output.  Therefore, a high cost is required. (2017)  Even though companies can employ workers for investments and harvest, yet as demand for plants for biofuel production, it raises prices for necessary food crops.  Therefore, the core problem of developing biofuels cannot be solved and it prevents biofuels to become common.  (Skye, 2018) 

From the aspect of the environment, as it can reduce the pollution of the world, biofuel is invented to save the planet.  Data showed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (2017), the air quality is improving year by year since the implementation of the Clean Air Act – using biofuels and other methods to reduce air pollution.  When we burn the biofuels, they will produce carbon as well, whereas they generate lower carbon and fewer toxins.  It is a selection which is more reliable to improve the atmospheric quality and decrease of air contamination.  (Skye, 2018)

However, biofuels are needed much more quantities to spend in order to get the same degree of vitality since it bears a lower energy output than the traditional fuels which we use today.  (Skye, 2018)  Undoubtedly, they are not worth to convert them to ethanol rather than electricity.  We know that biofuels are cleaner to burn, still, there is strong significance that producing fuel has heavy carbon emissions.  For example, cropping crops and plants to produce fuels by using machine necessarily and besides, deforestation for biofuels adds to carbon emissions as well.  (Skye, 2018)  Therefore, it is contributing to an unsustainable global warming atmospheric and a reduction of biodiversity.

To conclude the three aspects which raised: social, economy and environment, biofuels have its benefit and drawbacks.  It can benefit our planet, yet it can harm our biodiversity.  From the pros and cons which has deliberated above, we learned that biofuel does help to solve the problem of global warming.  However, it is too quick to say it significantly benefits to our world nowadays and in the future as well since there are still different problems need to be tackled, drawbacks still exist.  


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