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In our entire lifetime, we meet a lot of people. Some of them remain with us for a long time while the rest leave us quickly. Sometimes in life, some people tend to do such actions or say such things that touch us deeply and inspire us in either good or bad ways. It is in human’s nature to get affected by even the smallest of action of people profoundly and deeply and when we are affected by people’s action we are indirectly affected by those people. Almost all of us have at least one person in our lives by whom we are inspired. For me, that one person who is my idol and my inspiration in life is my paternal granddad. My granddad is the most optimistic, brave, and powerful person I have ever known. You all must be wondering as to what my granddad did was this great or big that I adore and respect him this much. Well to answer this question of yours I need to tell you the tale of his life.

My granddad was one average man like all the ordinary men of his times were. He used to tell me stories of his childhood and youth which clearly depicted the simple and decent life he lead. But while he was a man with such simple and straight life, his ambitions were not so simple. He dreamt of getting into the state’s army and to serve his motherland even if in the course of this serving his soul leaves his body. He did all he could so that he could get into the army training school.

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After striving for so many months, working hard day and night for preparing the entrance test, and burning oils all the night, he finally cleared the test. But just passing this test was not enough. In fact, this was the first step of getting into the army training school. The real effort was now about to start. At the army training school in those days, a person was required to spend 5 years under the strict control of army men. There at the army school, the students were not only given the ordinary education but a very tough physical training and all the other physical activity was given to them to do those things that an army person has to do in the times of war.

Undergoing through such tough training without getting one’s bones broken and the whole body wounded is almost impossible. In the words of my granddad himself, he got a lot of wounds and his bones broken many times but all these hardships could not stop my granddad from running away from the school. Neither these difficulties were enough to make him hate his life choices of getting into the army.

A man can do everything for his ambitions and yet there is a chance that he will not be able to pursue his dreams. We do so many things yet, they all can fail regardless of our true intentions because sometimes fate holds something else for us. This fate also had envy with my granddad’s ambitions and therefore he could not fulfill his dream of shedding his blood for the sake of his motherland.

Just after my granddad passed out of his school with flying colors. He got a leave for two months to go to his home and spend time with his family. After that, he had to forget his home and family for another long time span to serve the country. While enjoying with his family one big tragedy hit him. He encountered an accident which was so severe that it took away from him his ability to walk. His both legs were injured badly and they had to be removed so that the infection would not spread in the whole body.

All of his dreams were shattered but his hope was not. He was so brave and passionate that even after all of this, he didn’t lose hope. After recovering a little, my granddad established a school for orphan kids and there he taught all those kids who could not study because of the lack of resources and awareness.  These all were some of the great and obvious aspects of his personality that impress me the most.

I don’t know whether I will ever be able to be that much great or optimistic in life about things. I do hope that I get to be like him a little.   


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