In this battle between Good vs Evil, the winner

In To Kill a Mockingbird a commonly portrayed theme is Good and Evil in the world. Jem and Scout grow up around many examples of this. The Tom Robinson case takes a long time and is very important to their father. Boo Radley happens to be their slightly eccentric next door neighbor. Good vs Evil is very evident in this book. The story is told through the eyes of Jean Louise Scout and her brother, Jem, is almost always close by. In their youth they watch and sometimes experience many examples of Good vs Evil. Atticus is a very good example of Good vs Evil in the book. Atticus, Scout and Jem’s father, decided to do what was good in the court of law. In the early 1900’s fighting for a black man’s case was almost unheard of, especially in Alabama. Tom Robinson was accused of raping a white woman, when in reality it was just a false accusation. Atticus fights for Tom against a court room of people against him. Atticus is able to give many happenings as to how Tom wouldn’t be able to rape her, even physically. The black community and even many whites adhere to this. In the end nothing is able to work and Tom is sent to his death because in this battle between Good vs Evil, the winner was Evil. Boo Radley is another example of Good vs Evil, except his example is more towards the mentally handicapped. Everyone thinks that he is Evil and scary and creepy, but Boo is actually a very nice man. It almost directly corresponds to what society thinks about differences with people. Boo is the “final fight” so to say and is so much more important to the town then expected. Although Maycomb, Alabama is a small town it happens to be very active. Active with many battles between good and evil. Good wins, and so does Evil. The Tom Robinson case shows that Good can’t always win, no matter how hard we fight for it. Boo Radley helps us to see that what looks Evil may not always be so. What looks Good can be disguised Evil, waiting to strike.


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