In their expectations about firms offering such services”. If

In service
marketing literature, service quality is well-described as the overall assessment
of a service by the customers (Eshghi et al., 2008) or the extent to which a
service meets the needs or expectancies of the customers, Asubonteng et al.
(1996). As well, according to Parasuraman
et al. (1985), service quality is “The discrepancy between consumers’
perceptions of services offered by a particular firm and their expectations
about firms offering such services”. If what is perceived is underneath the
expectation, customers judge quality as low and if what is perceived is met or exceeds expectation then customer sees
service quality to be high. The vital element
of service quality known are; consumer’s expectation which is what they feel the
businesses should offer and this is influenced by the personal needs of the customer,
experience, word-of-mouth and business’ communications (Parasuraman et al.,1985).
Nevertheless, this meaning of expectation is that of service quality literature
which is different from expectation in the customer satisfaction literature
which defines expectation as assumptions made by the consumer about what is likely to happen during an impending
transaction. Consumers’ perception of performance is from their experiences (Parasuraman
et al., 1988). Generally, studying expectations and experiences of customers in
many different contexts is very interesting. It is of interest to study these
concepts in the context of banks because banks play an instrumental role in the
lives of people and it is also important for the banks to know what the clients
expect and perceive from them. Therefore, in this study, we will define
consumer’s expectation as what consumers think should be offered by the ideal
banks while consumer’s perception will be defined as what they experienced in
the banks and this is assessed after the performance. Moreover, service quality
is mainly focused on meeting the customer’s needs and how good the service
offered meets the customer’s expectation of it. It is however hard ,according
to previous studies, to measure service quality due to its intangible nature and
because it deals with expectations and perceptions of customers which is tough
as well to determine because of the complexity of human behavior.


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