In stronger. The wars America fought in came with

In no other war in history did history did people lose so much, people people lost everything. The total amount of deaths in world war 2 is said to be around 50 million people died this is one in every five people being dead. There were many severe outcomes as a recent of WWII including America and Russia becoming supers, women transferring into the war force, improved weaponry. World War 2 was fought from 1939 through 1945. Out of all the wars ever fought world war 2 had the most soldiers killed.

Also more civilians were killed than any other war before.(George Feldman pg.1) When the war was just beginning America wasn’t going to help because America fought in the last world war and all they did was lose soldiers.

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People thought Americans should just stick to its own problems because America was still trying to get past the great depression. In 1936 America passed a law saying that they wouldn’t fight to try and help America pay off their debts. This happened to also be the same year the Spanish had started there civil war meaning America couldn’t help. Not everyone agreed with the country’s decision.

These people though had to think about all of the dictators they would be fighting against. But if the Nazi’s did succsed with there plan America would be in huge trouble. This is why some people wanted to help the allied forces (mainly Britain and France).     In the end America helped fight in the war because war is inevitable but there is always a reason for it and it has made America stronger in a way if you think about it. Ben Franklin didn’t agree but yet he was involved in the war for America’s independence.

America was started from war. Each war America fought in made America stronger. The wars America fought in came with a price thought and that was having to fight in both world wars. After all the wars America fought the country tried to take a break. America worked more on being a protector, to its own people and to others who needed it to.(David Haugen pg.5-7)     World War 2 was started by conquest for territory in Europe and Asia Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party fought in Europe.

Hitler became germany’s leader in 1933, he was here on a risky mission to expand Europe. To help him out on his mission for conquest he assembled a group of his followers, the Nazi’s. Germany’s political and economic situation had been pretty bad ever since World War 1.

So with a last ditch effort to return Germany back to its original state and to possible expand, Germany had Adolf Hitler attack Poland. Germany and the Soviet Union had started acquiring some issues with each other, witch lead to fights and battles and both groups hating each other. If there was one thing that Hitler was afraid of it would be seeing his former allie Stalin try to expand the Soviet Union into Europe.

The enemy or Axis forces consisted of Germany, Italy, and Japan. The good guys or the Allied forces consisted of France, Britain, and later on the Soviet Union and America. The US was content not getting involved in the war, until the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Later Franklin Roosevelt met with Churchill to strategize the future of the war, wiched helped lead the path to the road of peace. Then President Roosevelt announced his Day of Infamy speech declaring that the U.

S was now fighting in the war. He even had a declaration be made saying that the U.S would fight in the war.(Barbara C. Bigelow pg.1-3)     When Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933, he was here to expand Europe. In march of 1938 Hitler’s army united Australia with Germany. Soon after Hitler became chancellor he started demanding land back.

He decided to take back Czechoslovakia (land Germany had lost in World War 1) and with no trouble at all took back Czechoslovakia. Britain and France, Czechoslovakia’s allies were not bothered enough to defend the country so they decided to just let Germany have it. After Hitler had captured the country he said that he was done taking control of Europe. We know now though that he was just getting started. August 1939 Germany and the Soviet Union made a pact saying they wouldn’t fight each other.

The next week Germany attacked Poland, this meant that the Soviet Union couldn’t interfere. In 1941 Germany had taken control of basically all of western Europe. Germany had captured Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. Then Hitler became angry at Stalin because he was trying to expand the Soviet Union into Central Europe. So Hitler sent more than 3 million troops to attack the Soviet Union. On October 2, 1941 Hitler ordered troops to the Eastern front this was a few months after Hitler had attacked the Soviet Union. By then Hitler felt that he had beaten the Soviet Union. When World War 2 was stated in Europe in 1939 stalin thought that if he friended Hitler it might help expand the Soviet Union.

He was wrong though because with the more power Hitler got the more he felt that Stalin was getting in his way. So Hitler attacked the Soviets in June of 1941. After many struggles and many soldiers lost the Soviet Union came on top in the end. Stalin’s trying to expand the Soviet Union didn’t really work and it weakened the relationship with the US and Britain. It also led to a lot of anti-communist.(Barbara C. Bigelow pg.31-34)     One outcome of World War 2 was the rise to super powers in such countries such as the USA and Russia.

So some people wonder how these super powers came to be. First though to become a super power a country must have a great economy, huge military, immense international power, also must have a strong ideology. In World War 2 Russia and America acquired these qualities. Before World War 2 America and Russia were just great powers, then after the war the countries became Superpowers.

To understand how this came to be you must see the causes of the war. The US had economic power before the war they became the world’s largest producer. At the same time Stalin was working on Russia with his 5 year plan to help there economy. Roosevelt had America stay neutral in the war to avoid conflicts, it was said that America went to World War 1 to save investments in Europe.     It didn’t matter if it was true or not because Roosevelt had to work with Congress, after Pearl Harbor was bombed he signed a neutrality treaty. At the time Stalin was paying attention in Europe because he was concerned for the country. The Russians foreign policy helped the Russians stay out of the war.

Stalin wanted communist power because he felt it modernised the country’s industry. The Soviet’s said they would have peace as long as it meat that they wouldn’t be attacked by the Nazi’s. The Soviets tried to get a mutual assistance treaty with France and Britain, the treaties were made to protect the west and keeping the three signatories from any trouble. Stalin was also trying to get France and the Axis Powers the fight each other, this lead to the Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact and Hitler attacking Poland which started the war. Since the Soviets tended to play both sides in the war the west didn’t really trust them, this was partially because Stalin demanded that Dardanelles and Bulgaria to be considered Soviets.     The beginning of Super Powers began in the 1930’s, Europe has been fine because there are powers that helped, and back then those powers were special.

Both powers thought that building their empire would help the world system, this is a good because the German powers could have grown too if it weren’t for these two powers acting. The past war was still a little too much for the public and the military wasn’t quite ready yet. Germany was getting stronger because of Italy’s decline of imperial power.

they were just trying to fill the gap in Europe and France, after Britain’s economic crisis in the 1930’s Britain and France lost most of their economic power. The nations still wanted to be great powers so they relied on the US and the USSR for help. They went to war because it helped there little remaining world standing. The Soviets expectancy of Germany’s non-aggression pact was considered a imperial decline as well, the Soviets didn’t side with Britain because they wanted to change it up a bit by siding with Germany. Europe was waiting for the world state to change by war or by one of the great powers becoming a superpower. Some benefits were economic gains, vastly increased internal markets, and more resources, to help nations drive for superpowerdom. A way the war could have been stopped is if the USA or Russia stopped Germany in 1939.

There is a question though which is were the US and Russia considered superpowers back then, they certinlal great powers but were they superpowers.(     Another effect of world war 2 was women working in the war force, because before world war 2 a war would only affect young men but in World War 2 in affected women also. This is because in the beginning of the German invasion 1 million people were captured.

The Soviets needed more troops sp they had women join the fight. Even though women were technically back up they were still able to drive tanks and fly planes. One all women squad flew their planes every night and bombed the Germans, during the battle of Stalingrad. 800,000 women served but didn’t go to combat, only about 200,000 went to combat. Britain had about half a million women in armed forces or in the nursing corps. 400,000defended against air attacked from the Germans.

British women were not allowed to use guns but they did everything else, like operating searchlights and radars. In 1941 women between the age of 20 and 30 in Britain had been drafted into the war. By the end of the war 125,000 women had been drafted. It took a little bit for the USA to let women join the fight but in 1947 the women’s army corps (WAC) was ready.

1943 the womens navy was started. 300,000 women in America participated in the war.     Women were not allowed to fight so they took the important non-fighting jobs. Most women just worked office jobs, but others did much more like weather forecast, working with codes, map analyst, and much more. The women’s Airforce service pilots (WASPs) got a lot of attention, they even got there own movie.

Also between 1942 and 1944 more than 1,000 women flew a total of 60 million miles. The american women flew all the planes even the big B-29 superfortress. Also towards the end of the war they tested experimental jets.

Women tested the planes they flew by jamming enemy radars or to attack the ground, they also towed the targets for target practice.(George Feldman pg.196-199) In World War 2 six and a half million women in America had war related jobs, also African-American women increased by 11%. Millions of women after the war lost their jobs because the war industry didn’t need them anymore.

(Barbara C. Bigelow pg.82-83) Helen Kirkpatrick was a photographer in the war, she sometimes traveled in ambulances and followed the allied forces. Kirkpatrick became famous by witnessing gun fire in the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

(George Feldman pg.389)       Another outcome of the war would be improved weaponry. The first world war started a revolution for weaponry. World war one sparked the basic versions of inventions such as the fighter plane, the tank, the submarine, and even the aircraft carrier. With this new improved weaponry the Germans in world war 2 had a new strategy on attacking called Blitzkrieg or lightning war, the tactic helped take down many countries quickly, such as Poland, France, and other smaller countries in 1939 and 1940. The takes could do nearly anything. Again they started from World War 1, back then they were designed only to be used in the stalemate of trench warfare.

In world war 2 though they were used for plowing through Poland and France. Also World War 2 tanks were a lot faster than they used to be in World War 1. The World war 1 tanks traveled around 10 mph, the German Panzer division of 1940 mark 3 tanks traveled at around 40 mph! Another thing that made the tanks better than before was the 360 degree turret that they could fire anywhere on the go. German tanks attacked Russia with victory in there past, the also older Panzer 3’s  tanks guns were being improved with better guns. The strategies were the same for Germany and even though the Russians had a lot more tanks than Germany it was just as easy in 1941 as it was in france in 1940.

The Russians had disadvantages though, because there tanks did not have the wireless communication and the officers weren’t the best. This made the Russians unprofessional but the Russians embraced the tank battles. The Russians had some tanks that were ineffective, but the Russians were just trying new ideas. The Russians finally found a good combination, it was the KV-1, it was good because it had a 76-mm gun with a good turret.     Other than tanks the Germans also tested there U-boats in the first World War.

the first one deployed sunk 3 British ships in an hour and a half. The normal German U-boats in the first years of war were around 200 feet long and came with 14 torpedoes and a gun on the deck. Another sea ship that was used in war would be the Aircraft carrier. The first thoughts of the Aircraft carrier started in 1909 at a plane convention, after they saw what it was capable of, two men, from the British and American represented the idea to their governments.

In 19010 the idea was tested by the Americans, we were able to get a plane flying off a ship with a ramp. Then the British modified there regular ships to be able to fly planes off them. It was not until before the war, did America, Britain, and Japan (a new contractor in the race) built real aircraft carriers. The new carries were tested in World War 2 when the British sent out a fleet to attack an anchored ship.

The fleet ended up seceding. The things that made the Aircraft carriers so special was the planes on it, like most of the weapons used in World War 2 the planes originate from world war 1. Back then the planes were made out of wood and canvas. Back in the first World War planes were pretty weak, by World War 2 though they had evolved.

All that was different from fighter planes in World War 1 and World War 2 was that they made improvements. Also they were usually just used to defend against bombers or attack bombers. There were two different kinds of bombers in World War 2, the first, the German Junkers Ju-87 Stuka, these planes planes flew low and normally bombed tanks, infantry, and defencive positions. Strategic bombers were a lot more different than tactical bombers, Strategic bombers flew high and were a lot bigger than tactical bombers, these planes missions were normally to drop entire racks of bombs behind enemy lines. These two types of planes help change the tide of war.(Lucent Books pg.

7-72)     In conclusion the three main outcomes of war were America and Russia becoming supers, women transferring into the war force, improved weaponry. But the war ended when President Truman and the Allied forces decided to drop an atomic bomb in Hiroshima Japan. The first bomb didn’t stop the Japanese from fighting, the second bomb did though.

With the cities demolished by the bombs that had been dropped, the Japanese surrendered on the 15 of August in 1945. This was very pleasing for the world leaders but very difficult for the Japanese Empire to discuss.(David Haugen pg.114-116) Then a little bit after Sicily was attacked Italian leader had to resign, so Marshal Badoglio became Italy’s leader, this is also when Mussolini (the Italian dictator) knew that he was going out so he lead a back up government for about a year and a half then was captured and killed.

Before this thought the Germans surrendered when the Soviet Union was on a role when they fought through Poland, Hungary, and Austria, and made it to Berlin. On May the 6, the Germans gave up and the Allied forces had won the battle against the Germans. You could kind of see it coming to because you could see that