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the modern world, sport has played an increasingly important role in our lives,
and it’s getting more and more popular. You may have heard of sports as
medicine. It’s not just a statement, it’s a fact. There is plenty of scientific
evidence that regular exercise, especially running, has far more health
benefits than doctors prescribe. More importantly, scientists have shown that
running can also dramatically improve your mood and quality of life, and even
help you live longer. Because of these benefits of running, this is also why it
is popular in China. It also has a low requirement that you don’t need any
fancy gear to do it anywhere.

first reason why it is popular in china is that running is actually a great way
to increase your overall level of health. When you’re running, you can lower
your blood pressure and help your arteries stay resilient, which reduces the
risk of heart attack and stroke. Running also helps slow down the aging
process. Those who run regularly are less likely to suffer from bone and muscle
damage than those who rarely run.When this happens, as the growth of the age,
individuals are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis. On the contrary, those
who run a lot will continue to exercise their muscles and their bones, so that
the bones will be stimulated to stay strong, and will not be vulnerable to the
growth of their age. For women, running can actually reduce the risk of breast
cancer, and running can reduce weight by burning fat and calories. So, with the
help of running, it’s easy to get a slim figure.(Allen J 2016)

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running has a lot of psychological benefits. The most obvious is that runners
are generally happier and less stressed than those who do not run regularly.
There are many factors that may help reduce stress. One of the reasons is that
running allows the individual to focus on the task at hand, instead of worrying
about other pressures in daily life such as work while running. In addition,
the running is very challenging for the body, because it can be done by running
to get a sense of achievement, so that his attention on the negative pressure
can transferred to a sense of pride and a sense of achievement.

contrast, the benefits of running are known to the public, they are paying more
and more attention to running. And running doesn’t need a lot of skills, it’s
perfect for anyone of any age, so it’s a simple way to gain your own benefit.
So running is becoming more and more popular in our country.


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