In stat siting of meditation little by little it


In conclusion, mindfulness trough
the practice of meditation and creating a new good study habit are the most
effective ways to improve students physical and emotional to strengthen student’s
mental health in everyday challenge at university. Mindfulness from the
meditation let students overcome their stress which transform disturbed to
peaceful these is the way to help students improve physical and emotional. Making
new good habits in university study’s where is enable training the brain and manage
the mood which emotional and physical are common motivation for the development
of mental problems. Meditation is something that as students a whole need to
rehearse for the most part in today’s way of life to give them some space and
to be free from push. A good habits it encourages students recuperate our
psyche and body from stress, strain, and illnesses. I have been find a lot of
thought how to deal a healthier student life by managing my emotions that
emotions can influence on my physical health to deal with feeling effectively that
ups and downs in everyday of my student’s life.  I was so stress from the study hard in this
university every day since the beginning  that affected to my brain potential to learn come
from too much headache even cause from academic pressure or I do not have much
friend , how to make good relationship. All of these thing is connect together I
am tired to face with study hard. Whenever I stress that let me depress, I lose
encourage to continue the class that made me become lazier. I was asking myself
that I am happy or not with study at university. Finally, I found out the
meditation the way to change my negative emotion to positive and control the
stress when I know what is going to happen in a situation. Meditation helps me
stay in the present study moment.  I suggest
you if you have been facing with mental health problems , you should stat
siting of meditation little by little it will provide you exactly opportunity let
you clear your mind to increase brain potential and mentality. Do not you try?


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