In seismic activity and deformation of the volcano. It

In the aftermath of the Nevado Del Ruiz eruption there have been some advantages. First of all, the government has set up more monitoring for seismic activity and deformation of the volcano. It is clear that there is a need for risk assessment and monitoring data with warning systems put in place prior to any hazard event. However, during this eruption there was not a lack of data, the government simply decided that they did not want to risk wasting resources, so they did not take precautionary measures. They waited too long to take action to get there people out of a hazard area, even though the data gathered showed that an eruption was likely, leading to a higher amount of casualties. It is vital that we learn from their mistakes and take precautions when dealing with volcanic activity. Next, during this eruption, communication throughout different government groups was inefficient and ineffective. Moving forward, it is obvious that we should avoid any complex decision making processes during a crisis. Furthermore, authorities should make sure that the population is aware of any dangers around them, in this case the volcano. The perception of risk in this area was very low so less people were aware of the dangers. Also ,there was not much preparation for what would happen in the case of natural hazards. In the future, authorities should have specific measures put in place in the case of a natural hazard event so that they are prepared. But, it seems that Colombia learned its lesson because in 1989 they successfully evacuated 2,300 people when the volcano erupted again.  Even volcanoes that seem benign can be dangerous : over 75 percent of the major eruptions for the past few millennia have come from volcanoes with no known historical eruption. It also means that monitoring should not be limited to those volcanoes that are historically very active, but also to volcanoes that could pose a danger if active resumed. El Chichón also shows us that it might not take a large eruption to have a significant impact on global climate. While comprehensive monitoring is not yet available, El Chichón is now currently monitored with the scientific and economic resources available. Post-eruption studies have generated new insights into the volcanic systems, letting the State of Chiapas better deal with any future unrest or eruptive activity at El Chichón.


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