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 In the case of
Nusrat Petal, as she is incapable of caring for herself, she will be required
to have an individual with her at all times when support is needed. E.g. if she
has an epileptic fit. She will need somebody who can deal with the situation
right away. Also due to the fact that Nusrat suffers from learning difficulties
makes it necessary that she has more individual care. However it may difficult
for an individual to be empathetic when caring for Nusrat and unable to build a
rapport with her as she may form an inappropriate bond with them as she
attaches herself very easily to those who show kindness and are caring towards
Nusrat. However, Nusrat may become highly dependent upon this individual not
only for assisted needs but for her own independent needs that she is capable
of doing herself. This may result in reduction of independence and more
increased dependency on her mother. This can cause her condition to worsen as
she will be unable to function adequately enough to have some independence. However
Nusrat will need her own independence in order to gain responsibility over some
aspects of her life. This may cause stress and anxiety within Nusrat as she may
feel like she cannot overcome issues. This is where an empathetic volunteer
would be needed to help her regain confidence by empowering Nusrat as they will
support her with dealing with any issues. This in conclusion is a great way to
promote her reliance as the empathetic volunteer will be empowering Nusrat, she
may feel confident enough to do things without support. According to Bowlby’s
monotropy theory, Nusrat is a child of secure attachment, this is due to her
mother providing much more then the necessities. The quality of care provided
by Nusrats mother is huge, she has to not only feed Nusrat and provide housing
but she is responsible for washing, bathing, and supporting Nusrat in feeling
confident in herself, this also contributes to the notion that Nusrat should
not have a biological related advocate. If Nusrats advocate was a relation of some
kind, especially if it was her mother then the advocate’s ideas of what is the
best for Nusrat would be enforced over what Nusrat wants for herself. Having a
non-biological advocate allows Nusrat to dictate what happens in her own life
in relation to her care without being subjected to the wishes and wants of her
mother. This will allow Nusrat to gain more independence as she will be making
her own decisions via the advocate. This therefore shows that Nusrat is
autonomous as she is trusting the advocate to make decisions on her behalf and
in conclusion forming a relationship with this individual, as well as this she
will feel and act confidently, secure in the knowledge that her needs are being
efficiently met. In addition to this she is shown as being autonomous as she is
confident enough to make decisions independently.


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