In reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao,


In reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, it ends up plainly obvious
that an


expansive accentuation is put on
both male and female sexual orientation parts. Through these

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critical parts found all through
this book, it ends up plainly apparent that through the


extraordinary machismo state of mind
that is anticipated from men from the Dominican


Republic, the ladies, thusly, are
corrupted and are viewed as simply a bit of meat. As per the dr1


site that gives different data about
the Dominican Republic, Machismo is characterized as a solid


feeling of manly pride, or
misrepresented effort of manliness, or male-like qualities. It is derived


from the Spanish word macho,
actually meaning male or manly, and through time it has come to


be the characterizing trademark for
guys in Latin America. Although this account of Oscar


happens in New Jersey, the solid
Dominican culture is still extremely solid and alive all through


the many characters in the book. As
time will appear, the social desires are damaging to male


and female alike. The Dominican
culture is so solid; it is almost difficult to evacuate hard-wired


social angles notwithstanding when
moving to the United States. Through seeing how the


Dominican culture firmly impacts the
characters in The Brief and Wondrous Life
of Oscar Wao,


it enables one to completely comprehend
the thought processes and activities of a significant


number of the people all through
this book.


Through the Dominican
generalizations that permit “machismo” men to corrupt women,


just keeping in mind the end goal to
demonstrate their manliness, many sorts of mishandle


happen without much
repercussion.  Some of the abuse that men
incorporate on women include


verbal abuse, psychological mistreatment,
and sexual abuse, much like the abuse faced by Lola


and Beli all through the book. An unequivocal
case of this is when a man poured hot oil on


Beli’s back. It turns out to be
clear represented through the book that women are degraded by the


obvious manliness that guys are
urged and are raised to develop.


Through men following the customary
male role, women are viewed as simply seen as


objects and have beside no
individual rights or flexibilities. As the men consistently utilize the


manliness as a type of predominance
since their early years, the women are not permitted to


progress, but rather are basically
encouraged to accept their faith. Cases of this sort of conduct


can be found in the book when young
men, for example, Oscar are urged to have a few


sweethearts despite the fact that
they are just young kids. On account of along these lines of life,


it is troublesome for ladies to
transcend the sexual segregation that they are faced day by day. In


spite of the way that the women are
obviously oppressed by the male populace, it can be seen in


many places all through the book how
ladies just help proceed with this endless loop. This can be


viewed as women urge their little
boys to act like men, for example, in the story where Beli


supports Oscar when he talks
degradingly of the young ladies he was dating. The ladies likewise


obviously don’t go to bat for
themselves, or for their little girls in spite of the torment they realize


that they have endured. The woman
decline to attempt to change what is happening, and in this


way, wind up plainly caught in the
cycle of male mastery. This case can be seen when nothing is


done after Lola was assaulted. Maybe
in the Dominican it is difficult to take care of the episode,


however, they are living in America
when this happened and something could have surely been


done about this. Through the ladies
not supporting themselves it just permits the guys more


power. In the majority of this, it
is critical to investigate how the Dominican guys have


persistently kept up mastery over
ladies notwithstanding when moving to the United States,


where “freedom and equity for
all” is a pillar. It is difficult to comprehend why ladies still permit


the way of life of their country
manage their lives despite the fact that they now live in a nation


that promises them more rights and


information on the Dominican Republic most data pieces express how women are


“generalized,” instead of obtrusively communicating how women are
plainly commanded by


It is one thing to be typified and have a voice, however it is a totally distinctive
thing to be


woman who only matters for her physical appearance and capacities of being a
mother and


wife. This can be found in the book as Beli got much consideration for her
looks as she


younger, and as she gradually matured then her sole obligation in life was
bringing up her


to the Dominican principles. Since such an incredible impact is set on the


of women, Dominican young men are educated to consider them to be just a strict


(Brown 57). This kind of conduct is pushed onto the brains of young boy before


recognize what they are being educated on. This can be found in the Dominican


young men are permitted to walk around the house naked at the beguilement of


young ladies are dressed with much care and thought (Brown 58). This sort of


apparently minor, obviously advances this conduct at an age where the kids


how they are being raised. At the point when young boy in Dominican culture, it


for a father to take him prostitutes so he may have the capacity to be
“instructed” on


the most
proficient method to engage in sexual relations (Brown 57).


as the young men have been raised to pursue and lay however many young


as could be expected under the circumstances; the young ladies have been
educated to


their physical appearance, making them “dress provocatively, typically
wearing high foot


areas, and an unreasonable cosmetics” (Brown 57). Through these ladies
Just as the young


have been raised to pursue and lay however many young ladies as could be
expected under


circumstances, the young ladies have been educated to display their physical


them “dress provocatively, normally wearing high foot rear areas, and an


(Brown 57). Through these ladies essentially parading themselves around as


were up for offers at a closeout enables men to pick whichever one he finds
most appealing


bring her home with him. This sort of social cooperation needs much else
besides looks and


and is a somewhat shallow procedure of picking a potential spouse or husband.


of conduct demonstrates how by and large men and ladies fall into their parts


how corrupting the whole culture is. It appears as though the men and ladies of


culture couldn’t care less about identity, sentiments, and level of
instruction, yet the


thing that issues is just regardless of whether the individual from the
contrary sex is


Much like in the story, if Dominican men are not the smooth,
“conquistador, for


Oscar, they are set up for disappointment for the term of their life in this
culture and are


thought to be not as much as a man. All through the book is can be seen that


numerous great qualities, yet none of this issues to his way of life since he
isn’t an attractive


engaging in sexual relations with a considerable measure of gorgeous ladies. It


deplorable to realize that somebody who has numerous great characteristics


for any of them, yet just ridiculed and torn down for what he needs.


Women in the Dominican culture
clearly give special importance to their appearance


since it appears that nobody would
think about their sentiments or knowledge. Other than the


unreasonable cosmetics and
provocative outfits, they take a stab at straight, white-looking hair.


As though it were not sufficiently
terrible that they are just simply women, they should likewise


endeavor to give off an impression
of being “more white” since that is viewed as more alluring in


this culture (Robles 1). All through
the book it ends up noticeably evident that it was more


alluring to have lighter skin.
Words, for example, “mulatto”, “darkie”, and
“yellow” all


demonstrate the accentuation that
was put on skin shading. It ended up plainly perceptible at an


early stage in the book that it was
smarter to have lighter skin on the grounds that is passed on


the feeling that the lighter one was
more delightful, more white, and more well off. Despite the


fact that individuals, for example,
Lola lived in the United states where every extraordinary race


and ethnicities prosper, it was as
yet vital to look more white since this is the thing that the


Dominican culture had imbedded in
her psyche. Clearly women are esteemed for all the wrong


reasons and should endeavor to be an
option that is other than what their heart instructs them to


be. This is additionally observed
commonly all through the book when such a substantial


accentuation was put on race and
what it involves. One’s sexual orientation and race were once in


a while ever sufficient all through
the book.


men are educated to have a machismo attitude, women are required to be


which means women should go about as the Virgin Mary (Brown 58). This is a


idea and a retrogressive idea in the Dominican culture. The men are educated to


overcome the greatest number of ladies as they can, yet ladies are to be


virgins until the point that they are hitched, and when hitched are not
permitted to


additional conjugal issues. This retrogressive generalization truly has neither
rhyme nor


when given any idea since how did these men hope to engage in sexual relations
with the


number of ladies as they could, however yet when they chose to settle down and


how do these men hope to discover any women left who have not as of now been
laid down




women reach middle age in this culture, less importance is put on their
physical appearance,


is put rather on their capacity of being great moms. In spite of the fact that
they get the


to end up something somewhat more important at middle age, despite everything


do not have any regard from their spouses or males in general. A good wife
“cooks, cleans,


house, looks after the kids, and puts her better half’s needs over hers. On the
off chance


she is an informed profession lady she is to set her vocation aside keeping in
mind the end


to help her husband’s profession, and her voice inside family choices is
quieted within the


of her husband’s (dr1).  A case of this
is obviously observed as Beli does all that she can to


to her family in the story.


get married so they can forfeit all that they have for their spouses, yet the


are normally the opposite. It isn’t extraordinary for Dominican men to have escorts.


men see having escorts and additional conjugal undertakings as their


ladies don’t have this privilege to any degree (dr1). This is found in the book


before marriage as Yunior is regularly discovered undermining Lola. This


isn’t too all new to the way of life of the United States as men are viewed as


ladies are basically simple and need anything advantageous with regards to have


various individuals. Having a fancy woman as a Dominican man is likewise
observed as an


of distinction, which isn’t astonishing in a culture, for example, this. (Darker
57). It


have been viewed as esteemed to have a fancy woman in this culture since the
young men


been raised to vanquish the greatest number of ladies as they can. Obviously if
the men can


this thought even in marriage they are an incredible alpha male. In the book it
is told how


granddad had a fancy woman named Lydia and this was essentially adequate. Not
at all


in commonplace American culture, these ladies are once in a while a mystery,
yet the


are essentially anticipated that would overlook it and bring up their kids as
they were


to do, for example, Socorro did in the book. This example indicates how ladies


to stand up for themselves in circumstances where the men are plainly sexist




even as their moms have endured this sexism for the duration of their lives,


to do almost nothing to keep their daughters from precisely the same hurt and


mothers just bypass the hurt and sexual domination that their little girls
confront. Indeed,


as Lola was sexually assaulted, Beli did not effectively help Lola overcome the
assault nor


Lola’s safety.


This occurrence in the
book likewise fits Dominican culture where assault and sexual

mishandle are not considered important. The
straightforward idea of sexual harassment is new to

the Dominican Republic (Brown 58). In a culture that
is so sexually charged by men, it must be

hard to know where to adhere to a meaningful boundary
in the recently discovered thought of

lewd behavior. Clearly in a culture where men are
permitted to be obviously sexual and in which

many men’s endeavors at tease with any ladies could be
viewed as lewd behavior by models in

the United States. The obscene and unfavorable words
these men utilize and their absence of

comprehension of individual space unquestionably fits
marginal lewd behavior on what is a

general premise. It isn’t far-fetched for men of the
Dominican culture to make heckles at ladies

strolling by on the grounds that, not exclusively are
the men being a tease for tease, they are

additionally, attempting to substantiate themselves to
each other as the predominant, machismo

male (dr1). It appears as if the Dominican guys get
off on the power trip they ride each day.

Alongside the possibility
of sexual harassment is abusive behavior at home (domestic

violence); in the Dominican Republic domestic violence
originates from the obviously forceful

conduct that these men have come to grasp. It can’t be
sure what number of Dominican women

are manhandled by their spouses every year because of
absence of detailing the abuse, yet; as per

the Social Institutions and Gender Index, it is evaluated
that “up to 33% of women have endured

physical brutality on account of their spouses or
other men and half of the casualties got no

assistance” (Gender Equality).


Through the frail laws in
the Dominican framework, it is difficult to convey an instance

of abusive behavior at home to the court system, and
the men regularly go unpunished (dr1). As

indicated by the Social Institution and Gender Index: A
law was passed in 1997 to battle

domestic violence, however it has not shown great
results. Among the deterrents recognized is a

resistance on behalf of the judges to consider gender
into account in their choices. Absence of

budgetary resources restrain the chance to make
restoration focuses or components for men who

are liable of viciousness, or safe institutions that
offer sanctuary and care to casualties of


In spite of the fact that
advancements have been made, very little progress has come

about. It is justifiable that the legal system does
next to nothing to ensure the privileges/rights of

women since not very many women hold any political
position in the Dominican Republic.

Another part of abuse
which has all the more as of late been uncovered is the way that

numerous Dominican women are trafficked in the sex
slave business. This was brought out away

from any detectable hindrance in the book as the
gangster was known for being in the “flesh

trade”. As indicated by Coalition Against
Trafficking Women, there are approximately 50,000

women from the Dominican Republic abroad in the sex
business.  It is considered to be the

fourth most elevated number on the planet, after
Brazil, Thailand and the Philippines,

(Dominican Republic). The purpose behind this
frightful event still comes from the Dominican

men’s aggregate absence of regard for women. As indicated
by the site, numerous women

consent to help profit for their families, and at the
demand of their significant other, sibling, or

father is sent away to do unspecified work, just to
discover they have been sold as sex slaves

while their male partner gathers the cash for offering
her (Dominican Republic). With rates as

high as they are in the sex slave exchange as
announced it is imperative that one understands

what number of families may have been influenced by
such occurrences in the Dominican


In taking a gander at the
Dominican Republic it turns out to be anything but difficult to

perceive how women are dealt with far less similarly
than men. This has been something

profound established in their way of life and clearly
hard to overcome notwithstanding even

when moving to another country. It is conceivable that
women were so enslaved in their way of

life as they have poor access to medicinal services,
bank advances, and an education that they

have been mentally conditioned by the culture to trust
that they are essentially less than men

(Gender Equality). While a few laws have been
actualized to give women more alternatives, for

example, the Ability to inherit properties, the advance
is no place to the standards of which it

ought to be. With a specific end goal to beat the way
of life that is so instilled in the brains of

these men and women, the change must begin in the
Dominican Republic where the issues are


All through the book the
emphasis is set on physical appearance and sex, yet it winds up

plainly clear before the end of the book, that
critical features of the Dominican culture turn into a

deadly blend. Individuals, for example, Oscar who
don’t fit into these social standards are

censured for not fitting in, and, for example, in the
book passed on as a result from attempting to

fit it. Through understand how the sexual orientation
parts and society play out in the book it

takes into consideration a superior comprehension of
the characters and the decisions that they

made. Each character in the book make great efforts to
be as well as could be expected as

indicated by the culture’s standards, while as yet
attempting to achieve their very own joy and

self-personality. The characters wind up comprehending
their circumstances after paying close

attention to their behavior. It winds up plainly
obvious that their way of life is so profoundly

interweaved in their lives that notwithstanding when
moving to another country, they can’t

separate themselves from the way of life that they
were naturally introduced to. In the wake of

reading the book, it ends up plainly evident that the
sexual orientation parts pushed onto these

men and women were dangerous and corrupting. The book
spins around the culture and the

impacts it had on the characters.





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