In order to extradite Nelson Hackett were incorrect. There

In 1833, slavery had been forbidden throughout Britain and
its dominions and colonies including Canada. Slaves were freed since that time.
Canada was virtually synonymous with freedom and heaven for slaves from other
countries. There were many slaves escaped from the United States to Canada before
Nelson Hackett did. Under the laws of that time, the extradition of Nelson
Hackett from the Canadian government was incorrect because in Canada there was
no legal obligation to surrender Nelson Hackett back to the United States.

      In 1837, Solomon
Moseby accused of stealing a horse from his master and escaped to Canada from
the United States. The Upper Canadian judicial authorities rescued him and hundreds
of Blacks encircled the jail where he arrested to prevented him from extraditing.
 This was one of the examples that the
Canadians believed that fugitive slave did not suppose to extradite back to the
country where they escaped because the system of owning people as slaves was denied
in Canada.

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      According to the Canadian or British law,
there was no support for the extradition of a criminal suspect or an escaped
slavery. Extradition proceedings between Canada and the United States were
based on the ambiguous Upper Canadian statute of 1833 dealing with fugitive
offenders, but no mention of escaped slaves. Hence, the Canadian government
officials ordered the extradition of Nelson Hackett was illogical. At that time
the extradition had not taken place and this action was in defiance of the
Canadian custom which refuses to surrender fugitive slaves.

reaction to the extradition of Nelson Hackett case was strong. When the
Governor General of Canada, Sir Charles Bagot approved the request for
extradition, this action upset Canadian and American abolitionists. They afraid
that if Nelson Hackett being extradited back, Wallace will make an example of
him for others slaves who desire to escape to Canada. Most of the Canadians did
not agree with extradition.

during that time, the order to extradite Nelson Hackett were incorrect. There
should have right to freedom for one and all. 


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