In non ferrous metals and alloys to prevent from

In this  company they  are using rust preventive oil for soaking
boiler accessories. For getting proper viscosity to rust preventive oil they
are using thinner (Hydrocarbon solvent). If the mixture of rust preventive oil
is unused for particular period, due to high specific gravity of RP oil in
comparison with thinner, RP oil will settle down thinner will be settled on

Rust Preventive Oils are used on various metals like ferrous & non ferrous
metals and alloys to prevent from rust. This oil is  widely used in various industries for
protection of steel sheets, component and structure. Rust Preventive
Oil, which is well acknowledged for its remarkable features such as
excellent corrosion protection, good surface finish and accurate composition. 

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The major causes of metal rusting are
known to be oxygen and moisture, while sodium chloride is also a known cause of
rust. This is obvious from the experience that metal products are prone to
corrosion near coastal areas. On the other hand, in the fields of metal members
including steel sheets, bearings, steel balls and guide rails, assembly of
parts by hand leads to attachment of chloride and other rust-generating
factors, resulting in generation of rust. Countermeasures are therefore taken, such
as cleaning removal of rust-causing factors, and the use of rust preventive oil

Rust preventive oils commonly contain
rust preventive additives (corrosion inhibitors) such as metal sulfonates,
sulfonic acid amines, carboxylic acids, esters, amines and the like, but when
the target of treatment is to be stored for  
prolonged   periods,     the rust preventive effect is often insufficient
with   rust  preventive  
additives (corrosion inhibitors) 
alone.   Thus, it has been
proposed to use rust preventive oils containing heavy components such as waxes
and petrolatum in addition to the 
aforementioned rust preventive  
additives,  to  further 
increase  the  rust-preventing property by thickening the
rust preventive oil coating film. Such coating films block oxygen and moisture
that are externally-derived causes of rust.


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