In my country, Bangladesh, there is a stereotypical conception

In my country, Bangladesh, there is a stereotypical
conception that if a student doesn’t get an opportunity to accomplish his
undergraduate degree from a renowned government university, he is incompetent.
But I always begged to differ and rather believed that if a person is genuinely
meritorious and diligent, he will flourish in every aspect of life and this
perception is what transmuted my life. I have completed my Bachelor of Pharmacy
from one of the best private universities of Bangladesh, ‘University of Asia
Pacific’ with the highest CGPA (3.99 out of 4.00). I have not only completed my
undergraduate degree with full tuition waiver but have also been honored with
several awards for my tremendous academic result. Now, I yearn to build up my
career as a Pharmaceutical Scientist and pursuing a Ph.D. degree will be the
staircase to my dream.

My aspiration of becoming a researcher inflamed when I have
chosen Pharmaceutical Sciences as my course of study. Back then I used to
believe that Paracetamol is just a medicine that alleviates fever but never
thought it through that it takes a Pharmacist so much more- from the mechanism
of COX inhibitors to packaging science- to manufacture a single piece of
tablet. Every course, whether it is Pharmacology or Biotechnology, is
interlinked with each other which ultimately heeded me toward exploring and
learning more. Since that day, I realized my passion towards my dream and so I
have never seized to offer my best at everything, along with any given platform
that provided me the opportunity to utilize my knowledge in terms of the pharmaceutical
field. I was rewarded with the ‘Dr. Prof. Habibur Rahman Scholarship’ for
achieving the highest scores in the Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
theory and lab courses. I secured the position of the champion in the ‘Pharma
Quiz’ in the South East University Pharma Fest-2015. I also acquired the ‘Best
Poster Presentation’ award in the University of Asia Pacific Poster
Presentation competition in 2015 for the poster titled: ‘Teixobactin- Fresh
hopes in the war against the bacteria’.

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After graduation, I had worked as an Analytical Development Executive
for six months in an internationally accredited industry named Eskayef
Pharmaceuticals Limited, Bangladesh to make myself more knowledgeable in the
pharmaceutical field. I was the first female and novice employee who had been
assigned with equipment qualification in the new general block FDA project
besides my routine work in the research laboratory. In addition, I learned various
methods, starting from operating instruments to developing analytical methods.
Although my supervisor was elated with my performance, yet I decided to
sacrifice my job to give my full consideration to higher studies and to work on
my research interests.

I always crave to explore the wide array of pharmaceutical
disciplines to discover, design and manufacture new drugs and therapies. The
inspiration and desire both come from the fact that pharmaceutical industries in
Bangladesh are generic based, which basically means that we neither have any
scope for research on Drug Discovery nor do we have any Pharmaceutical Scientist
who can guide our pharmaceutical sector in this research field. On the other
hand, I am also eager to know more about disease-specific studies and Genomics.  Even though ‘Genomics’ was never a part of my
undergraduate syllabus, my passion for learning more pushed me toward buying an
extraordinary book named “Principles of Genetics” by D. Peter Snustad and
Michael J. Simmons. After reading the book, molecular genetics’ contributions
in reference to the long lists of genetical diseases and their treatments are
what fascinated me the most.

To gather more knowledge and research experience in my
desired research field, I enrolled for the Master of Science in Pharmaceutical
Technology in October 2016 and have successfully completed my post-graduation
from University of Asia Pacific with CGPA 4.00 out of 4.00. Although my University
has published the M.S. result on the official website, my official transcript
and provisional certificate will be issued on December 27, 2017. My courses for
instance-Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology, Biopharmaceutics and
Pharmacokinetics, and Modern drug delivery system-greatly enhanced my knowledge
of drug design, manufacture, and effectiveness. I took my 2nd-semester
thesis work on “Genetic variations of SMAD1 genes and its association with
colorectal cancer risk in Bangladeshi population”. The goal of our study
is to investigate whether Smad1 could be an interesting target for colorectal
cancer therapy.  For my research, I used
different molecular techniques like DNA Extraction and Quantification,
Polymerase Chain Reaction, and Electrophoresis. Soon after, I will be writing
my paper for publication in a journal about a high impact factor like ‘Tumor

I want to be a part of the Medicinal Chemistry Graduate
Program (Ph.D.) at the University of Toledo in Fall 18 as it focuses on Drug
Design and provides facilities that allow for an extensive variety of research
approaches. I found from the university’s website that the College of Pharmacy
and Pharmaceutical Sciences is associated with ‘The Center for Drug Design and
Development’ which I am very excited to be a part of. After going through the
faculty directory and their research interests, I discover that each research
project is propitious whether it is on Neuroscience or Cancer Therapy and
Vaccines, thus I am confident to both render and learn a lot from them.
Besides, the courses offered, starting from Biochemical Techniques to Methods
in Biotechnology is what I exactly want to focus on and study. After thorough
observations of the program, I think that your graduate program is the best fit
for me.

The whole journey of chasing my dream would not only make me knowledgeable
but would also personally benefit me as an individual. The overall goal of
receiving a Ph.D. degree would excessively aid me in my proficiency, thoughts and
innovative ideas as a Research Scientist both in the field of academy and
industry. I have the greatest passion for learning and I can prove to be one of
the bests if I am given an opportunity to demonstrate my potential. 


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