In many country of the world, human resources is

In many country of the world, human resources is usually most concerned with a nation’s development while it calls for the deployment of programs that will produce highly skilled employees in various capacities for numerous sectors. The similar of the country are targeted one group is the youth of the nation especially rapidly developing country, Malaysia is no exception. The government recognizes the need to harness the potential creative energy of the youth. As such, policies and programs have been designed to engage youth in national development. The goal of the country is to become a developed nation by 2020. Based on the News Straits Times report that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak encouraged Malaysia’s Generation Y (Gen Y) must dare to dream big and to aim high to become successful in the future, as well as to help the country churn out more impressive entrepreneurs and top one country. At the same time, he also mentioned each and every Gen Y-er must have their own dreams and ambitions, and emulate the world’s most successful people. There is nothing wrong with Gen Ys dreaming big and becoming successful as like Ali Baba Group founder and executive chairman Jack Ma and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Najib said as a leader should always support the Gen Y’s and not cause problems and impede them from advancing. As leaders, there should not think about ourselves, as the Gen Y’s will inherit us in the future, and that is why he formulated the National Transformation 2050 (TN50), which is a blueprint to steer our youths in the future. And lastly, Najib also noted that the younger generation is country inheritance, and that leaders should not pepper them with empty promises, and instead, work hard to prepare them to face the future. But from another perspective, today youth are facing many new challenges and also have more chances and information. Generally, they enjoy a higher level of affluence and tend to be technologically savvy. However, while this profile may fit the urban youth, there is a large segment of rural youth in Asia whose basic needs are not met. The problems of drug and substance abuse, human trafficking, and pornography are closely associated with youth, both in the urban and rural areas. The transition faced by youth is a concern to many factors, especially governments and non-governmental organizations. However, to handle and solve these problems, it is important to know the aspiration of youth.According to the Asia Foundation (2012), these emerging groups of young, motivated and knowledgeable voters are no longer predisposed in relating politics to the age old factors of religion or race. They are in fact, due to better exposure to different cultures and traditions, well-rounded and adequately informed on the importance of diversity. 71% of the voters in this cohort were reported to be in favour of a political party that was more multiracial and inclusive for all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion. The group had clearly prioritized the national economy and a few other issues such as unemployment, inflation and security as their concerns and 60% of this particular cohort felt that the government at present is at its best in dealing with those matters. In general, the young voters were more interested in macro-issues which affected the entire Malaysian populace regardless of race or religion.According to UN4Youth (2013), political participation is an important tool that measures the political development of a country. Each political activity has its particular trait. It appears that individual political participation is dependent on socioeconomic backgrounds of the individual in determining how the individual acts. Moreover, individuals who are actively participating in the community will affect political behaviour when compared with individuals who are not actively involved in politics. Youth participation in politics are also closely related to the differences between the structure of society itself according to social class, geographical, ideological, and religious. The political participation of the people will an indirect deciding factor that help determines the decisions made by the government.


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