In looked at and how the nature has changed

         In the book “Discourse on Origin
of Inequality”, Rousseau states how in modern society, inequality arises
from unnatural and unrelated laws of the nature of man . To study and
understand natural law, Rousseau discusses how human nature has to be looked at
and how the nature has changed over the course of many centuries to create the
modern society that we live in today. He disputes that we need to examine and comprehend
natural man because the thought of nature is used to validate damaging and corrupted
inequality. The best way to explain modern inequality is to indicate that it is
unnatural in the sense that it is created by man. Understanding how natural
laws come apart in our lives today is difficult since true nature keeps piling
up on the origin of nature through centuries of progression and growth. Natural
laws are very powerful that it creates a hostile distinction with our modern
societies. When speaking of corrupted inequality, we are indicating how corruption
effects the true nature of man and how corruption should be removed to be able
to see how natural laws once were. It is impossible to return to the origin of
nature and therefore the study on the true nature of man are just assumptions. In
addition, corruption changes the way humans develop as centuries go by and how
corruption brings down the true origin of man. Corruption can be explained
through 2 different processes, Mental and Political processes. Mental
corruption starts to take place as man become subject to change. Humans start
to focus less on the opinion of others and decrease its concern on other individuals.
The main issue of modern society is that it produces a man who is deceitful towards
his fellow people because he has the authority to believe that he can dominate
the people that are below him. Politically, people who created societies and
properties have the power to trick others and become in charge. However, savage
man are true to themselves but to others around them as well. They have few
needs and no wishes to dominate another individual. Modern society is all about
satisfying the needs of man varying from simple needs such as  food, rest, and sex to more complex needs
such as entertainment or exotic food. It began to change the lives of
individuals, the way they thought of the people and the world they live in. In
addition,  freedom plays an important
role in a sense that it should be protected among citizens. Social Contract
which was mentioned in the book explains the creation of a society where
freedom of all people are probable, however, the book explains how no one can
really be free, even if power is in the beholder of one of the groups of
people. When an individual dominates a savage man, the person being dominated
has less freedom to act upon it or do anything about it. Freedom in societies
cannot exist because of inequality among men from different hierarchies. Only
in the circumstances of nature can freedom in fact exist. A man can never be free
if they are dependent on others. A savage, however, does not depend on others and
cannot be dominated and therefore have more freedom then other individuals who
are.  This freedom does not exist in the
modern world we live in because every group of people are dominated by another
group creating hierarchy. In conclusion, inequality is only natural when it
comes to the physical variation among men. In modern societies like today,
inequality developed from evolution which led to the destruction of man’s
nature and will continue to change gradually.


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