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In this report, I will be identifying and discussing the design concepts and the ideas of the proposal as well as the functional performance of the product that I have been researching. The product that I will be focussing on is called ‘Kleverness’ (Kickstarter, n.d.). Kleverness is an innovative smart lighting system which will make homes smart in just minutes. What are the key design principles of the klever switch?In order for the lighting to be automated, you will need a klever switch and a klever hub. The klever switch is designed to replace an existing light switch, so it will fit perfectly without any extra fitting to be carried out. The plate of the klever switch is still thin just like the existing light switch plates, which means it will still look flush against the wall. The structure of the product consists of a glass face which is housed with plastic. The glass face gives it a premium and modern look which is great for new homes. The plastic holding the glass ensures that it will have a strong build and will also be durable to general conditions. The klever switch is available in both black or white, which are both very rich colours. They can suit any room in the house, no matter what colour the room is or what colour the furnitures within it are. The panel features elegant blue LED’s to allow interaction with the switch and it makes it look much better than the traditional light switch with either a dimmer knob or switch sticking out of the panel. Another key design principle is that klever switches allow you to transform your entire house into a smart home seamlessly without any modifications. How do the costs compare to an alternative solution?As you know, since smart technology has been a high demand due to its growing success, one of the first successful product was the smart light bulb. There were many advantages of it, as it was something new. However, when the klever switch was introduced, many disadvantages of the smart light bulb were identified from comparison. To begin with, a single Philips hue bulb (Amazon – Hue Bulb, n.d.) costs £14.99, whilst the hue bridge (Amazon – Hue Bridge, n.d.) costs over £40. A general household would require around 40 light bulbs (Environment, n.d.), meaning they will have an initial cost of around £640. After carrying out some research, sources state that the bulbs are meant to last either 15 years or 15’000 hours (Apple (UK), 2012). However, they generally only last a few years, then the whole smart bulb needs to be replaced. With the klever switch, each switch can control up to three different lights. There will be one klever switch per room, meaning a general house requires an average of ten klever switches. So the total purchase needed will be around £400, which includes a klever hub, ten klever switches and a lifetime membership to their subscription service to use their app. If we were to include standard Philips LED bulbs (Amazon – LED Bulb, n.d.) with a price of £4.99, the whole klever set including all the bulbs will add up to just under £600. This means that you will already save £40.00 from the initial costs, and when replacing the bulbs every 15’000 hours of use, you will save £400 each time for the whole house. What functions does the klever switch consist, which alternative products lack?The klever switch allows you to automate and control your lighting from anywhere. You could be at home and use a smart speaker to turn on the lights or you could be at work and turn off your lights from your smartphone or smart watch. Klever switches are built to learn your lighting habits over time, so it can create a schedule to keep your home safe even when you are away. You can even set up geofencing, which can turn your lights on automatically when you are pulling onto your road. Each klever switch has its own radio frequency repeater. This allows all the klever switches to communicate each other, so it can repeat its signals to the klever hub. Whereas, smart bulbs all have to be in reach of the hub required to allow it to work. This means, whether your house is big or small, the klever switch will never let you down. One feature which other smart bulbs do not carry is that you are able to monitor your energy consumption, so you can see what you can use less of, in order to save more on your next electricity bill. Another great feature of the kleverness set is that, unlike other smart devices, it works with all the existing, common smart home technologies, such as ‘Apple HomeKit’, ‘Google Home’ and ‘Amazon Echo’. This is one huge limiting factor of smart devices as they are generally only compatible with one of the main few companies, meaning they may not be able to use the device with their existing smart technology. To conclude, the klever switch is built to fit any house to make it smart and can be done in a matter of minutes, which shows how easy it is. It will allow you to control your home’s lighting and you will save around £40 on the initial costs and up to £400 per replacement. If you are new to smart technology and want to make your home smart, this would be the technology to start with. ReferencesAmazon – Hue Bridge. (n.d.). Philips Hue Bridge. online Available at: – Hue Bulb. (n.d.). Philips Hue Bulb. online Available at: – LED Bulb. (n.d.). Philips LED Bulb. online Available at: (UK). (2012). How long does the hue bulb lasts ? How many hours ?. online Available at: (n.d.). Environment – Average Light Bulbs. online Available at: (n.d.). Kleverness: The World’s Smartest Lighting System. online Available at:


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