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In the making of modern technology in the universe , we are enjoying all the things and benefits that we can get out from it. With just one click of our fingertips it made up many things possible , it makes our life easier and better. The advantages of technology lead us in the invention of the different things that are useful in our daily lives. In the other hand , the disadvantages of it really affects us that may cause lots of changes before we have engaged unto it. As described in the Merriam Webster Dictionary ,” Netiquette are rules about the proper and polite way to communicate  with other people when you are using the internet “. Internet are very useful to us in the sense that it made up possible to communicate with other people in the world through the use of modernize technology . With the use of internet , our longing for our loved ones whom are away from us lessen because it makes us to connect with them and many more . However , there are also people which we can considered as destroyers because after a hard time using the internet they just abuse and overuse it in bad things .Can we still say that there is an etiquette upon using the internet? Do we really perform netiquette? Etiquette refers to how we handle properly things. On the other hand , netiquette refers to a joined word of internet and netiquette which refers to proper way of handling and care of the internet . Many of us are users of internet , many of these really appreciate the essence of it that is why they care for it properly  and use it in a way that will help them . But there are also people whom are selfish that they only think for themselves they don’t even realize what are the progress that internet has made for us.From this day , let us change our perspective , we should not only thin about the internet , but rather let beforehand and after hand think about netiquette for this will lead us for the better use of internet. We should stop the idea  that technologies were the ones controlling us but rather it is the idea of putting in our hearts and minds the word “Netiquette” in this modernized world. 


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