In for a group to form they must accomplish

In this reflective report I will be
evaluating how as a team worked to achieve the goal, according to Frey
“productive group work is an essential stepping stone to learning and mastery” (Frey,
Fisher and Everlove, 2009). After completing the group work of presenting a
presentation and report on State street corporation, I undertook a reflective
report on how we reached our target, I will briefly discuss using the Tuckman’s
theory on the five stages of group forming.


On completion of the group work, I
can reflect on the process that the group went through in order to complete the
goal. Tuckman believes in order for a group to form they must accomplish the
four stages: forming, storming, norming and performing (Egolf and Chester,
2013).  The first stage is forming, this when the team member introduces
themselves to each other acknowledging each other’s, character, talent and
abilities that can benefit the task ahead. At this stage we had to introduce
ourselves, because we had never worked together as a group. We also had to
acknowledge all of our skills and qualities, the first group workshop helped us
to identify each member’s strengths and weakness. The group excelled in this
stage we all were very clear on the target we need to reach, we identified each
member’s skill and set up contact system via WhatsApp and Gmail.

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The next time we met we were at the
storming stage, at this stage the team starts to suggest different ideas and
ideas on individual are formed, so relationship with group can be make or break
at this stage. Lehman C.M, (2008) acknowledges that communication is the most
important aspect of teamwork, however due to different characters of individual’s
communication can be suspended, which is very common at this stage. At this
stage group member had written our part to the report and presentation, it was very
hard trying to compile each members part together and having a limit of word
allowed on the report.


The group roles are more established
and each member of the group are aware of their roles and can move towards more
harmonious working practices at this stage of norming. At this stage each
member of the group knew what they had to do for the success of the group work
and so we all played a part to complete the task. We also resolved the issue
with compiling the work together, a group member created a google document
where we could all paste our work to be on track with the set target time.


The final stage is performing, each
group member should understand the purpose and the goals of the team. The team
is able to handle decisions more simultaneously.  At the final stage we
all understood each other and have built a good working relationship. The group
worked very well together and therefore we didn’t have any major conflicts. I
believe what helped us work jointly was the different group workshops we had in
ten weeks.




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