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In this
chapter, Richards points out that the term resource is only what people
originally make it. Back in the day, a lot of “resources” that we recognize
today were seen as pollutants by many farmers in the past. Many people tend to
predict that we will run out of certain resources but they overlook the fact
that technology develops more rapidly this day in age. The production itself is
contingent on consumption. Without sufficient intake, which creates extra
demands for manufacturing, the manufacturing cycle could be paralyzed. Intake
is hence the turning aspect of the coin of a thriving production cycle. But
even as capitalism stimulates high-quality productivity quotes, it biases
productiveness closer to more consumption to make sure that the manufacturing
technique isn’t impeded. Consequently, mass consumption – or consumerism –
isn’t merely a cultural phenomenon. It is embedded inside the core tenets of
capitalism as an economic system. The higher intake, the better production, the
higher manufacturing, the higher income, and with better income, higher profits
are generated, that are in large part re-invested in the sustainability of the
firm or the business-unit. In quick, the market mechanisms under capitalism do
no longer offer incentives for preserving the environment. Corporations are
continuously threatened by using market competition to reduce charges and optimize
profit. The surrounding areas thus fall prey to the compulsive marketplace
conduct of the capitalist mode of production. Without the intervention of
non-market entities along with the state, international agencies and social
forces, capitalism as an economic system certainly will not guard our planet.
Richards also uncovers a risky tendency for some environmentalists to peer
humanity as a plague upon the earth.  Whilst he concurs that humans want
to be accountable stewards of what has been entrusted to us, that is a miles
cry from asserting that humans are parasites sucking away nature’s lifeblood.
The more humans we’ve on the planet, the more inventions we’re going to have
available to remedy the issues we face.


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