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In the field of forensic science, knowledge and physical ability are important traits to possess. Since personal traits play a significant role within our everyday lives one must have certain skills in order to succeed in specific roles. Forensic science is the “science or technology applied to matters of law; in a narrow sense, criminalistics.” (Gaensslen & Larsen, 2013) In order to properly work as a forensic scientist you have to show knowledge and specific skills in understanding such things as blood splatter analysis and signature comparison. Evidence found at a crime scene needs to be thoroughly processed with minimal, if no, errors. Errors will ultimately cause the evidence to be inadmissible in a court of law.

It is through this understanding of the role as a forensic scientist that I feel I possess a majority of traits required to do the job to the best of my ability. I have developed a significant amount of patience through the years and feel patience would be a helpful trait to have since analyzing evidence is often tedious and time consuming. Understanding that evidence will not always give a clear definition as to what caused a crime or who the suspect may be is also key to the trade. Evidence can clearly define a suspect and other times just eliminate a suspect and lead you to a dead end.

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By understanding the world of forensic science an individual can determine whether they would be an appropriate fit for the position. One must understand it will be filled with crime scene evidence from all different types of crimes. Some will be mentally unsettling while others will be basic evidence from a nonviolent offence. A forensic scientist plays a significant key role in determining whether a suspect committed a crime and needs to be able to thoroughly conduct their work with minimal interference.


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