In andprovide noise control and thespeech privacy needed either

In many spaces where peopleneed to focus ina specific workand not to be distracted byothers conversation. So, the”ABC” of acoustic designoccurs to solve that problem andprovide noise control and thespeech privacy needed either by:Absorbing,Blocking orCoveringthe sound.Its believed that one of the earliest examples of sound masking uses is the Roman’s use of water fountains tomask the sound effectively.Absorb: Acoustic wallpanels, carpet andceiling tiles helps absorbexcess soundBlock: Solid barriers,partitions, and walls helpblock excess soundCover: Sound maskinghelps cover up excesssoundSpeech privacycomplaints are dueto distraction andnoise caused byoverheardconversations.The perceivedlevel of distractionrelates directly tothe clarity of theoverheardconversation.The clarity ofsound depends onthe loudness ofoverheard speechcompared to theloudness of thebackground noise.Sound masking does not eliminate the noise produced from others conversation in an environment, basically itminimize the distance that the speech can be heard and understood by others, that called the radius ofdistraction.It is needed in any space where speech confidential is desiredIn plenum (Traditional approach)In this approach they use noise generators, equalizers, amplifiers, and loudspeakers. And in Plenum system theloudspeakers are installed inside the plenum space facing up toward the deck.Direct field (Modern approach)In this approach they use control modules and these modules are connected directly to loudspeakers with standardcategory rated cabling.Zoning technology? Size of adjustment zones? Timer functions? Masking uniformity? Installation versatilityThere are some key points that can be considered in order to make the sound maskingsystem more effective and more durable.? Scalability? Method of control? Masking sound generation? Appearance? Frequency and volumeadjustment capabilitiesWhat is the “best” sound masking system?Comparing between the pervious systems, the best system used is the ” direct fieldsystem” for many reasons :1. It is simple system to be used.2. It is less expensive than others.3. Easy to install.4. Does not overflow.5. Inappreciable sound.Reduce noise that is already too loud (i.e. restaurants/bars).• Cancels sound.• Absorbs other sounds.• Block sound.• Prevent face-to-face communication.• Sound masking causes headaches.white noise is a random signal having equalintensity at different frequencies. its something thatwhen became amplified to match the right level formasking human speech going to be irritating for thelistener.? Comparing to “White noise” we have on the otherhand “sound masking”, it is well studied method tomatch the frequencies of human speech, toachieve sound comfortable and even pleasant tothe human ear.It solve the problem of having uniform source of soundmasking among the different building facilities.the system use ambient sensing microphones in orderto provide the convent sound feedback level, sobasically the microphones measure the noise level inthe space and produce the sound masking levelaccordingly.Should not have local variations in level, as if we move ourhead a foot or two, the background sound should notchange.2. If the listener walks through the space, it should haveminimal variations in loudness.3. Sound is similar to moving air.4. It should have balance of frequencies.In corporate environments, sound masking has become a key component that addresses the speech privacy needsof employees in the open plan and in private offices.Sound masking in offices:? increase in employee productivity? improvement in employee’s ability to focus on tasks? improvement in employee short-term memory and accuracy? decrease in employee stress? increase in overall employee satisfaction


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