In and their leader Kim Jong-un. “Kim and President

In our world today, us Americans are facing
numerous of problems dealing with the government. For example, minimum
wage rising, gun control throughout the United States, same sex
marriage. In my opinion the biggest governmental issue we are having is
the ongoing threats/battles we are having with South Korea and their
leader Kim Jong-un. “Kim and President Donald Trump were trading threats
of mass destruction for months, and the launch of North Korea’s most
powerful ballistic missile yet had the Trump administration weighing the
option of combat yet again.”Many of us American question not
if but, when will this world catastrophe take place. It has many of us
Americans wondering if we are going to go into war, if we are going to
get an unexpected missile from Korea, or if we are just going to wipe
Korea off the map all at once. In my eyes, I feel we should take matter
into our own hands and wipe Korea off the earth before they have a
chance to do anything themselves. Factors like geography and military
capabilities help encourage peace. We Americans have a much larger
military the Korea. “The U.S. has the strongest military in the world
and unquestionably outmatches North Korea, though that doesn’t mean a
conventional conflict between them would be quick and easy.” It is a
prove fact that we have a much larger military and will back up any
conflict between Korea if anything ever happen. “President Donald Trump
and officials have sent signals to Washington that if another threat
comes through to the United States; we will be seeking military
measures.” Although Korea knows that we are a much more founded team. We
can put up any fight with any military and come out on top. It is rare
to see something like a border crash escalate into a war break out. Kim
Jong-un is saying they have bigger and better missiles. Russia and China
both say that if we take action into Korea and start a war, both Russia
and China will join also. The reasons why I feel Donald trump fits the
president of the United States because he doesn’t mess around. If
another country wants to declare war, that same day he will be sending
troops to get the job done. He is a little bit cocky at time but that’s
what we need when we are the ones every country wants to defeat.War
soon will be developed. Just a matter of who ignites the fire first.
Russia and China are both two of the biggest countries. With a mass head
count of troops and other specialty equipment they have, I believe that
is what is holding trump back from erasing Korea off the world map. 
With a chance of this being a world catastrophe, where would Korea send
the missiles they have? There is always a chance a missile could land in
your front yard and blow up everything In a 25 mile radius of you. I
leave it up to Donald Trump to make the correct decision and hats off to
all military for keeping us safe.


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