In American history, black people were enslaved to work

In American history, black people were enslaved to work for terrible people such as slave owners. At that time, this was a form of taking a black body without their consent. Black men and women were chained, abused, and raped. Today, black people experience police brutality and senseless shootings in black neighborhoods. As a result, black bodies are still defenseless. Discriminatory laws threaten black people with power of  police officers, guns, planting of drugs, and use violence within the community. This forces the black public to contort to giving up and adhering the corrupted “justice” system. In the novel, Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates, he writes of his childhood in Baltimore when he learned how to survive. Coates had realized as a father, why his father had been so hard on him as a child. His father knew that it is very difficult for black boys to grow up in America and did not want to lose his son, which is what Coates feel at this point in his life where he decides to write his son a letter. Coates learned black bodies have a fear of being always on the radar for cops. When he left Baltimore, that fear still weighed on him. He always felt that same vulnerability, his whole life, until he realized it only happens in America. Though in different forms and actions then and now, the American country and justice system have always been corrupted in order to get rid of black bodies. In the novel, Ta-Nehisi Coates argues against the behavior toward the black body by emphasizing the way actions of another man will be placed on his son, he then enlightens his son when he states, “you must be responsible for the worst actions of other black bodies, which somehow, will always be assigned to you.” (Coates 73). Here he shows the mindset of the persecutors that take away their identities in order to favour a methodical  ‘white and black’ contrast. Coates furthers his argument by stating that “race is the child of racism, not the father” (Coates  7) and that white people are “a modern invention” (Coates, 9), a term that has no real meaning “as the new people were something else before they were white – Catholic, Corsican, Welsh, Mennonite, Jewish” (Coates, 9).  He is trying to say that white people only became white in America, but before they were all considered different and were split up by their religious practices. An example of a black body being taken away is when Coates’ friend and classmate from Howard University, Prince Jones, was fatally shot by an undercover Prince George’s county police officer who was following him from PG county to north Virginia. There were no witnesses at this crime. Eventually the police officer was never charged with murder and this infuriated many people especially Coates. This has always been relevant as stated from when the Black Radical Congress states that: “People of color have been the victims of systematic public and spontaneous private violence since the slave trade and the colonial conquest of the Americas…Although private violence is crucial to the maintenance of racial oppression, it has always supplemented State-sponsored (government) racist violence” (Black Radical Congress). They are trying to say that since the beginning, America has always had the tendency to use or get rid of black bodies and after look the other way: “so that America might justify itself, the story of a black body’s destruction must begin with his or her error, real or imagined….” (Coates 96).  Back then, the slavery issue was a huge debate and was very controversial in the United States. It needed an entire Civil War for it to be abolished. Even though people of color won that day, white people instead found subtle, less obvious ways of practicing their racism such as redlining. Enforced onto the police force, police brutality has been a big issue as of late. The Black Radical Progress state that: “Police brutality describes ‘instances of serious physical or psychological harm to civilians.’ Contemporary police brutality consists of deadly force, the use of excessive force, and it includes unjustified shooting, fatal choking, and physical assault by law enforcement officers. Police misconduct is inclusive of planting evidence, making untrue statements, filing untrue written reports, condoning untrue statements and/or reports by keeping silent, threatening suspects, arrestees, and witnesses, engaging in illegal activities, and committing perjury.” (Black Radical Congress)All of these happen often in our society today against people of color to maintain control and to intimidate rebellions. They show that they are willing to hurt people of color in order for them to never stand up and fight for their rights. This couldn’t be stopped when police brutality hit the news and resulted in one of the most devastating riots in history, the LA riots in the 1990’s. People of color, more specifically black people, have had to endure a lot in order to live in America. They have had to fight for their rights as human beings to abolish slavery. They continue to struggle today with police not being held accountable for their actions with the misuse of police brutality that eventually ends ruining the lives of many black people by putting them into jail or killing them off one by one. Black bodies have always been taken, they’ve been taken from slavery, and they will continue to be taken today by the police if the justice system does nothing to repair the wrongdoings they have committed.


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