Imagining Sandra Deal is an educator and an author


Imagining being in
Georgia and smelling the beautiful air. It is a lovely state to stay in.
Georgia was the 13th British colony to be created. James Oglethorpe
was the first governor of Georgia. Nathan Deal is currently the Governor for
Georgia and the first lady is Sandra Deal. Sandra Deal is an educator and an
author of several books. Mrs. Deals endorses education, volunteering as a first
lady of Georgia. Governor Nathan Deal does a good job administrating laws for
Georgia. The governor and its legislatures has change from the past to the
present. There are several branches such as the Executive Branch, Judicial
Branch, and Legislative Branch.

In the past, when
the first governor James Oglethorpe was elected, there wasn’t as much power needed
back then as how it is now. Georgia grew over time, back then there was less residents.
Now there are over 100,000 resident in Georgia.

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The Executive branch
appoints the governor and issues the laws which includes the president, the
vice president, all departments and all agencies, and all of the committees. The
Legislative Branch consists of 150 members which is responsible for managing
the state and the state policy. The Judicial Branch have a Constitutional Court
and a Supreme Court. In a supreme court, the federal government is over the
state and local laws. In a Constitutional Court, the laws are constitutional and
it is proven or not proven to be constitutional.

Georgia is a democratic
state, the president is over all the states in the world. However, each
government over each state is like the preacher over their state that states
the wrong and right of their state and issue the laws of each state and is
their duty to make their state great without any law issues.

Georgia became the
fourth state to ratify the U.S Constitution and join the federal system of
government. Under the federal system some powers such as: coining money and
national defense were granted exclusively to the national government. But
powers such as taxation and adopting criminal codes were granted to both levels
of government. Georgia was the first state to enact a constitutional provision
governing the title and the content of bills, and many other state constitutions
would follow this innovation.

In the state of
Georgia, a Lieutenant Governor is appointed but not by the governor. The
lieutenant goes through a different election party. So the Governor has no say
in who becomes his “vice president”


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