Imagine slavery, religious freedom, and new opportunities. These immigrants

Imagine your a immigrant sailing to america for the first time, you’ve heard all of great things about the US from letters your friends sent you and when you see Lady Liberty you think “How did the US become what it is now?” That’s why I’m here to tell you what the Four Waves of Immigration in America. First I’ll be talking about before the first wave so Pre 1790 the topics I’ll be talking about are Who came, Where they came from, Why did they come here, and what did they experience. The first “Americans” were people from a land called the ” Bering States”  wherever that is then in the year 1000 a small group of vikings. Several years later Europeans came from well Europe for the amount of land, political and religious reasons. The Europeans experienced many things like diseases and wild animals that was just for the people who lived in the settlements for the people who lived away from the settlements they could suffer from attacks by native americans and wild animals. Now that you’ve learned about before the first wave I am going to talk about the actual First wave.   Now I’ll be talking about the First wave that started 1790 and ended 1820. The people who immigrated here were mainly Europeans but there were also Asians and Africans. These groups came here because of political freedom, slavery, religious freedom, and new opportunities. These immigrants came by large boats and sailed to the US. Since most of these immigrants came from places that spoke a different language when they came they had to learn english which must’ve took some time.Next is the Second wave that started 1820 and ended 1860.I am going to talk about the second wave and who all the immigrants were, where they came from, the push and pull factors, and what they experienced when they came.The Second wave was from 1820 to 1860 so not very long. All the immigrants came from different places like for the europeans Irish was the main source of immigrants on the second wave, german was the second largest, scandinavians came from Norway, Finland and Sweden, and asians. There wasn’t a land bridge for the immigrants to cross so they came by boat, to the docks. The Irish came because of the Great Hunger which was when a fungus started killing the potatoes that the irish grew. The germans came because of their low economy. Scandinavians came to escape the civil war and to have small farms. The chinese also came to escape war but also came for the money. The chinese experienced lots of Nativism by others and the americans thought the chinese were demons that brought bad luck because they stole jobs and brought diseases so the Chinese Exclusion Act was made to prevent the chinese from becoming american citizens and threw down the ladder of immigration.  I will now be talking about the Third Wave.Did you know that when World War 1 started the KKK had been revived and started targeting blacks, jews, and catholics. The Third Wave started 1880 and ended 1930. The main group of immigrants who came were 87% Northwestern Europeans in 1880 and in 1900 80% of Southeastern Europeans. Those immigrants came because of high population in the south and east europe and lack of farmland in their homelands. There were three parts to the Third wave the first part was the nicest and immigrants could enter without a  problem. The immigrants came by boat but now the US had Immigration Stations like Ellis Island.I am going to talk about when WW1 started because that’s when all the bad stuff happened. When WW1 started the KKK had been revived and xenophobia was spreading like the California fires. The KKK had started targeting jews and catholics to go with the blacks.  Now I’ll be talking about the current wave that is happening The Fourth Wave. The Fourth wave is the current wave and might be the final wave. The fourth wave was from 1965-Present day. There are three topics I will talk about: The Great Migration, Post Depression/WW2, and The Fourth Wave. The Great Migration was when the african-americans were freed from slavery and they went up north because of the new jobs, opportunities. They left because there weren’t any good jobs, schools, and all of the intense racism. In the time before the depression and WW2 more people were leaving than coming. People would come to escape the nazies others were hungarians escaping a failed uprising against the soviets. In the Fourth Wave there are a lot of immigrants coming and I say are because the fourth wave is still going. There was a act that removed the Natural Origins Quota that “opened the doors” for immigrants again. There was another act that gave illegal immigrants citizenship this act was called the Immigration Reform and Control Act or IRCA for short. The estimated amount of immigrants coming are mainly mexicans with 4,300,0000, filipinos with 1,400,000, koreans with 760,000, dominicans with 750,000, and thousands of other immigrants. They left their homelands because rising population pressures, intense poverty of the third world countries, and government repression. Most of these immigrants ended up in California and did anything for work. The immigrants came cause of the new opportunities in the west and most of them ended up in america. America is a Free Country meaning for people to escape their terrible lives in their homeland and come make a new one here. Immigration plays a major role in America’s history, her people are mainly immigrants escaping their old lives and making new ones. That’s what I think the role immigration played in america but the question is: What do you think Immigration played in america?  


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