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If I go back to the start of this semester and think
how much I have learnt is amazing. The amount that I have done is amazing too.  I have learned everything from camera work to
editing and everything involved in the middle of it too. The first thing we
ever did was meet the 2nd and 3rd years; for me getting
tips of them was really important. I enjoyed the first session.


Here’s an example of a Long shot

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Here’s an example of a close up

The first day whilst nerve racking was really good.
The task we were given was shooting eight different shots of one landmark from
different angles and places.



 We were assigned a third year during this part;
I learnt how important it is to not over expose our shots. When we got the
clips back they were too blue. This meant they were poorly white balanced. From
that task I leant how to change the white balance on the Panasonic 151’s. So, I
have learned from that. From on this is a very useful skill that I have taken
note from.  Also zoom was important so
making sure there was focus with it is important for it too. During this we had
other tasks set for us such as throw a paper airplane and where it lands we had
to put the camera and from this we had to get 20 different shots out of it. We
had to do this so that we could practice the 180-degree rule. This is a rule
which shouldn’t be broken and it is to help make footage look better what the 180-degree
rule is when you have an object and imagine there’s a straight line. You can’t
move the cameras over it because if you do you can make the image look odd.
Here is a photo to help explain it. I ended up working with Tasha and Meghan on
this particular task. We managed to get a variety of shots ranging from
wildlife, people walking in front of the camera and even people sitting down on
a bench whilst not breaking the 180-degree rule. We used shots such as close
ups Close ups are when you can see the object very well so for example a person
you can see the face and the details of the face because it’s so close
sometimes you can also see their shoulders and this should fill up the screen. We used long
shots too and this is when you can see the whole entire character/object and
background too which is so important it’s not the same as an establishing shot
but kind of the same. Then we have establishing
shots and realized that actually we should have spent more time on these shots
focusing and making sure the subject was actually focused. So, from this task
particularly that’s what I learned how important focusing is. I feel like I
learnt so much in the workshops.


 I really enjoyed the lighting workshop where
we got to use panel lights and Tangstern Lights. I really enjoyed this session
as I love lighting and enjoy lighting up places etc. I learned how important
shadowing can be to give effect to the actual piece. I felt like this was a
very important part in this project because I have always found it hard to
actually get lighting good in projects at college. So learning how to go
lighting correctly was really important to me! One of the key things for
lighting is the 3-point lighting. Its where you have three lights and put them
in a certain position.  A good website
that I found information for this is from media college and it helps explain 3-point
lighting. So the first light we have is the Key Light and this is the main
light in the lighting procedure. This normally is the one that has the biggest
impact in the lighting and helps make it look good. It helps light the object
well. The next light is the fill light. This light is the one that is placed
opposite from the key light. This is used to help fill the shadow that is made
from the key light. This light is usually softer and helps to balance out
lighting. Then finally you have the back light and this light is normally
placed at the back of the subject. This stops having so much direct lighting.
The main point for this light is to give definition and help highlight the
subject. It gives a difference from the object and background so it stops it
from merging together. This helps with the 3D look.   

From then on, I have learned how to make the balance
correct to and not have saturated shots or even have bluey shots due to this. I
have enjoyed learning about lighting and what it entails and how fun it
actually is. Using some of the lights we did was great because we got to play
with the colour temperature and how to make a good balance inside and outside
which was great to do. Something else that I found really helpful and
interesting was



Learning about sound was
very interesting I enjoyed doing it. I remember being taught about how
important it is to have a good variety of diagetic and non diagetic sound in
our pieces. Diagetic sound from film sound.org explains that the sound source
is visible to the audience. So this can be via dialogue. And music from instruments
that are in shot etc. Then Non-Diegetic is when the audio can’t be visible on
the screen so like narrator’s commentary and sound effect.  We got told how audio is used on the camera
and how to use boom mics and how to connect them correctly once that was done
We were then tasked to go outside and film a piece to camera involving music
and audio. So for this we filmed someone talking to camera about their life at uni
I enjoyed this because we got to have someone using the boom pole and someone
using the camera filming. We did this outside so lighting wasn’t that important
as much. When outside we made sure that we had the cables correctly wrapped
around the boom pole correctly and the boom pole controller made sure they
didn’t make any sound whilst moving etc. 

we did the main audio we took a few minutes to film a wild track because we got
told that it was another important part in filming and that it was really useful
to cover up any mistakes too.






So for our 5-minute film we meetup without group first
to choose an idea on what we should film. Our first idea was that we could do
it on Christmas then vs now and do some research etc. about it. During this
meeting we decided who should do what and it was decided that Tasha would be
director. Megan was to be researcher/writer. Andrew was to be editor and then
Callum should be Camera operator. Then finally my role in this piece was to be
the producer and I was aware what that would involve. I knew I was key to the planning stage but the best way
to describe it is taken from the skillset website about what the role of a
producer should be. “Producers
have overall control on every aspect of a film’s production. They bring
together and approve the whole production team” I realised what I had to do. So,
we had our first idea and told it to Kieron. But
after talking to Kieron we realized it was totally wrong and just wouldn’t work
so after talking to him we decided to come up with some sort of challenge video
and it was actually Tasha who came up with the idea of it. So our second idea
was the Selfie Challenge. It involved two contestants going out taking photos
and then the presenter judging them. I found it interesting to plan for this. So,
key things in this for my role was the locations on where we should film.
Before going out and location

scouting I found a website (video maker) on this
website I found tips for location scouting as I was aware on how important it
was to do so. The website told me to follow with the script so make sure what
was in the scrip was the location that was explained Also scout when you plan
to film so that you know it should look like that when you film so don’t scout
during the day when you actually plan to film during the evening because it
will look completely different. So, we scouted some locations around
Southampton because we thought filming in Southampton was also cheap and easy
so myself and Tasha went out and did this. We thought we should have some
locations that are popular and well known because it will look good we found
some good places such as:

·      Guildhall

·      Memorial

·      Football

·      Christmas


Christmas tree

are some photos of some of the locations with the selfies that were taken
during the shoot. During the location scouting we also did the risk assement
etc. whilst we were at the locations as we felt that it was an important part
to do especially as me being producer. We decided to use myself Tasha and her
boyfriend Chris to be in front of the camera So, another part of my role was
presenter too. So once all the pre-planning was done including the script which
Megan did really well she’s always put so much effort into this group a great
asset to our team. We then set a date to film and planned what to film and how
to do it which was fun.  The day came and
people collected equipment and we met where we were to film which was as east
park. We set the camera up and callum started to set the camera up and then
didn’t actually know how to white balance it etc. so it was left down to me and
Tasha to do that which was kind of a shame as his role was camera man but its
ok. Once camera was set up we started the intro and do this. During this time,
me and Tasha were in front of the camera directing orders and saying ideas as
we were director and producer Tasha did that most of the time. We thought that
we should film different angles and did the intro a few times so that we could
have a variety of shots so we had close ups mid shots. I felt like the intro
went well. After doing the intro and outro we then followed the contestants to
each place and them taking the photo we got shots of them

running and one of my favorite shot is this shot show
here. I like this because you see both contestants crossing each other looking
like they’re going to different locations and it gives it a kind of competitive
feel to it. This is a good example of an establishing shot too. So once we had
filmed our piece it was time for editing and this wasn’t a key part for me
however the editing was Andrews role. He did really well with the editing but
every time we met for meetings to check it we thought that each time it needed
things to add or remove. We decided that we needed music so there was a kinda
montage feel to the edit. So we looked a little at the Kuleshov effect to help
us so kuleshov is when montage editing was introduced and it’s a Russian based
so having that helped

make the montage good. We had a voice over that too to
explain what was going on and that was my responsibility and I recorded it and
was added. We had background noise too. We felt like that because it was an
entertainment piece we needed an intro so we had selfies with upbeat music
which I did edit and I was happy with how that looked. So overall I feel that
the filming went well and really enjoyed it.










Here are some photos from the production itself too:













this term I feel like I have learned lots and got so much out of it. I have
learned how important white balancing is. I maybe could have done better in
lighting because it did take me a while to understand that and i’m still not
too sure on it but feel ok about it. I enjoyed doing sound because it was
interesting to me to make sure levels were good and balanced as well. I have
learned so much recently and feel good with what I have achieved.



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