If more carefully compared to others and are not

If you have watched a Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Serie A match
this season, you have certainly noticed a novelty in the world of football; VAR
(video assistant referee)


You know those close calls in Basketball or Hockey where referees are
forced to watch the reply on a screen and then make the right decision, well
VAR is just about that, only in football.

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I’ll walk you through the whole process in 4 easy steps.

1.     A referee
spots on an arguable situation or is seeing something but is not 100% sure.

2.     Through
headphones, he communicates with specialists who are watching the reply from
different angles.

3.     Under those
circumstances, referee can fully rely on what they are seeing or he can choose
to look the video for himself and make a conclusion.

4.     Make the
final decision.

And you know what?! Research show that VAR is doing extremely
since its debut. But what does implementing a new technology speaks about the
direction our beautiful game is going?

For and
against VAR

English Premier League and French Ligue 1 representatives
took this step much more carefully compared to others and are not fully
convinced by the aid of VAR.

The fear of football losing the charm is what drives those
associations into re-thinking this whole process. Above all, fear of change is
a big factor when deciding for or against VAR technology.

On the other hand, isn’t justice in sport what we are all
seeking for!? Even if that means watching a reply video, pausing the game and
nervously waiting for the final decision.



What the
fans think?

Surprisingly, most of the fans look at VAR as a perfect way
to get to the right call even if that puts their team into the losing side of
the decision.

Of course it will take time for us, fans, to get used to
anxiously waiting for referee’s decision while biting our nails and hope for
the best. But hey! If VAR makes us sleep better after a tough defeat or a
beautiful victory knowing that only a right call decided the outcome of the
match go out and do it.

To sum up, VAR looks like an inevitable addition in the
future of football and like it or not we’ll soon have to find a way and live
with it!


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