If is specifically for maximum performance. Flowmaster Force II

If you want an exhaust system that offers a more moderate exterior sound level, frees up stock restrictions on your system and allows for superb performance, then Flowmaster’s Force II exhaust system is the one for you.


Large displacement mufflers and resonators are used by the Force II System to control overall sound, increase the performance impression, including more horsepower, torque, and improved fuel economy. This is a great option for people who are looking to get more out of their truck. It also gives your truck a custom look.

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Engineered with the latest technology for improvements in acceleration, passing power, and fuel mileage, the Force II exhaust systems are outstanding for daily driven vehicles.

Key to their performance enhancements is the use of mandrel-bent tubing. Factory axle-back exhaust systems are replaced by Force II exhaust systems for improved throttle response, mileage, and power. It is the specially selected 60 series mufflers that makes Force II exhaust system offer mild interior tones and a moderate exterior tone that makes it give pleasant exhaust notes.


This product is designed for people who want the Flowmaster performance gains, but a milder tone to their exhaust sound. Larger displacement mufflers are utilized for additional sound control and custom-tuned resonators for very mild interior tones. 


Being a tad bit milder than some exhaust systems offered by Flowmaster, doesn’t mean that it’s lacking on performance.They are molded from stainless steel and the mandrel bent exhaust piping is specifically for maximum performance. Flowmaster Force II exhaust bolts can be put on with basic hand tools and uses larger-than-stock tubing with smooth, mandrel bends. This allows the engine to sound better after a few hours of installation on your driveway. The system also offers dual polished stainless steel tips components that are even backed by a lifetime warranty.


Horsepower gains wise on performance and stock exhaust system the Force II exhaust system is unmatchable. Flowmaster Force II exhaust systems install easily, add an infusion of horsepower and sound great without angering your HOA. If you just want to add mild performance tone and a bit of power to your ride, we’re sure to have just the Flowmaster Force II exhaust system for you.N, Alexander. “AutoAnything.com.” Flowmaster Force II Exhaust System Overview, Sound Clips & Reviews, www.autoanything.com/exhausts-mufflers/flowmaster-force-ii-product-overview. The Force II takes only about thirty minutes to two hours to install.


The Force II systems are available for many of the popular car, trucks, and SUVs. You can choose the style and size that is compatible with your engine type. Try one now.


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