If face by poorly-run fast-food joints across the country,

If there is someone persistent is the protagonist
of this story, Raymond Albert Kroc, the visionary businessman who turned
McDonald’s into the most successful fast food chain in the world.


A milkshake machine salesman, tired of getting doors slammed in his
face by poorly-run fast-food joints across the country, receives a striking request that would save his business and this is
how he embarks a trip to California to meet Richard and Maurice McDonald.

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Amazed by what his eyes
saw, Raymond, gets to know every single detail from de McDonald’s idea. In 1950, Dick and Mac founded
first restaurant and later on they created an efficient model called Speedee System,
which is something Henry Ford would
have created if he loved hamburgers more than automobiles.


They went from attending
an order in thirty minutes to thirty seconds, focusing on selling burgers and
fries. Now a days, we take for
granted these procedures but in the early 1950s they were revolutionary not
only by having the product ready as you order but by introducing the concept of
disposable containers which reduced the fixed cost of the company.


The brothers bring Ray into their business, showing him how it’s done, not realizing that they’ve invited a snake into their garden. With
barely concealed dollar signs in his eyes, Ray sweet-talks the brothers into
letting him handle the franchising of their business. However, it’s not long before
they’re fighting him at every turn, as Ray wrestles the ever-expanding business
further and
further out of their grip and he won´t stop until he succeeds.


The founder, is about a
product that came out from the capitalist machinery, ready to sacrifice moral
and ethical values in the pursuit of business success. While the McDonald’s
brothers tried to preserve the essence of their company, Ray prioritized the
gains and expansion that ended up turning that local restaurant, in which every
detail was controlled, into a fast and industrialized food empire.


Over time, Kroc, managed to have full control of the
company by putting aside the little ambitious McDonald’s brothers who received
a monetary compensation in exchange for the well-known name, McDonald´s. Today
this fast food chain caters about 68 million people a day, in more than 36,000
establishments, in 119 territories and countries in the world and is one of the
largest real estate holders on the planet.