Ideologies my sister and I that we are not

are a part of everyone. Everyone has them to some degree. When evaluating my
own ideologies and beliefs I recognize several; such as feminism, equality of
opportunity, and Marxism. Most of my personal ideologies lie within the realm
of equality. I believe woman should have the same rights and opportunities that
are so easily afforded to men. Equality of opportunity is exactly that, the
eradication of discrimination within our society; such as race, gender,
religion or disabilities. The ideas in Marxism that draws me to it is the goal
of a classless system and a proletariat ruled society. I believe that a lot of
political systems take advantage of the working class and Marxism begins to steer
away from that.

            From a young age my mother instilled into my sister and I
that we are not above anyone else simply because of circumstance. No matter
your race, class, gender, or religion everyone should be afforded the same opportunities
as everyone else. Growing up in a religious home this was something my mom was
very adamant about, that everyone was created equal in the eyes of God and that
you must treat everyone with kindness and be selfless in many aspects of ones life.
My mother along with my own experiences have led me to having ideologies that
match up with feminism. Throughout my lifetime I have witnessed many instances
of sexism and misogyny; from street harassment, the wage gap, rape “jokes”, slut
shaming, etc. Experiencing and witnessing these things further cemented my
position as a feminist and my goals to see a society closer to gender equality
within my lifetime.

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            The Abnegation factions within the movie shows commonalities
with Marxism. Abnegation is known as the selfless factions and they blame the selfish
acts of mankind as cause of their downfall, so they focus themselves on being
completely selfless. For example, the faction itself feeds and cares for the
factionless following the Marxist ideals that no person gets left behind. My
family also makes a habit out of this; throughout my childhood we would frequently
feed the homeless and sometimes even give them the coats off our backs. One
character who also shows these traits is Tris. She is seen throughout the movie
making decisions to benefit others. She was also born into Abnegation so and
therefore was taught to be selfless and care for others from birth; this
selflessness also helps her succeed in Dauntless. 


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