I why not. What’s the worst that can happen?

I really liked this book and i would recommend it to anyone who is looking at becoming a better leader or making your life better in general. This book can take someone who knows little about being a leader to becoming one of the best leaders you will ever see. Mark devine was a navy seal for over 20 years, that being you have this sense of reliability that what he tells you that you can implement it into your life and it will work flawlessly. Mark also has a degree in economics and runs a very successful business. If you read the books and think to yourself that none of what you just read is true, look up mark and do research and i promise you will see that the steps and principles that mark covers in the book will help you greatly. I really liked the way that mark goes into details and shows how what he’s telling you can and will work for anyone. One of the reasons i like this book is because of the author. Mark is a very reliable resource and his principles are what the seals use to be the most skilled group in the world. Think about it if you read a book and follow 8 principles and do everything mark says to do in the book, you could be doing the exact thing that the most dangerous and skilled group of humans in this earth use. I picked this book out because i’m a firefighter and i thought why not. What’s the worst that can happen? I’ll tell you being a 17 year old kid that is a firefighter people look up to you and look for your guidance. This book has helped me so much in the fire side of my life. Simply setting a goal for your team and focusing on the fastest and safest way to reach it. It has also helped me being a cadet teacher in school. Teachers are known for being leaders to every generation. If i (a 17 year old teen) can do the things and have the mental attitude of a teacher or seal have i think i’m doing good. I personally think that this novel could be used by any walks of life. Everyone can get something out of this books. If you just take the time to read it and think about the things that mark talks about you will realize and notice yourself changing small amounts and becoming a better person. Mark gives a great plan on how you can set a goal as high as you want and be able to go out and hit your goal. Have you had a friend or someone set a goal so high you thought they were crazy? No goal is ever out of reach if you follow the principals from this book. It will  take some time but you will reach the goal you set for yourself. This book has been a great read for not just me but many people. It is a national bestseller. That title right there is saying something. Take the time to read the book and follow his eight principles and his guidance and you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. Overall this book was a great read, but it had some downfalls along the way. Mark sets this book up in a great way but it will get boring at moments. It also causes you to set back and think about what he meant by a certain sentence or one of his principals. If you get confused just keep reading and he will answer all of your questions. Overall this book sets up the goal and the steps to reaching your goal or set point.


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