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I am fascinated by the great diversity that the study of law has to offer. I have actively tried to develop my interest through reading law articles and listening to podcasts from Radio 4’s Law in Action programme. I was particularly interested by the controversial law on joint enterprise. There is widespread concern over the complex doctrine, which enables defendants to be found guilty of a killing even if they did not deliver the fatal blow. This interested me as those not even present at the scene of a crime, or merely on the periphery, can be found guilty of murder. More recently the experience of watching cases from public galleries of both the local County Court and High Court has only confirmed my ambition to study law. I particularly enjoyed the courtroom talk that occurred between the lawyers and judges and upon witnessing a sentencing I was immediately struck by the judge’s power to dramatically change the course of somebody’s life in an instant. I am also interested in how the nature of the law is continually evolving over time as it has to adapt to of an ever-changing society. I have recently been reading “The Law Machine” by Berlins and Dyer; it provided me with a firm grounding in the essential principles of the British legal system and highlighted its apparent weaknesses. I am constantly up to date with current affairs in the media. For example the ethical considerations that have arisen over terrorist threats in the last couple months. In addition, through looking at the recent case involving The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority I was able to intensify my knowledge of the apparent issue with the government’s decision on internet surveillance.
I have enjoyed all of my A level subjects and feel they have equipped me with the necessary skills to embark on a Law degree. Studying English Literature has enabled me to develop my analytical skills through exploring a large variety of literary texts. It has also enabled my ability to write more concisely. By studying both art and photography, I have increased my creativity and analytical skills as I am able to be presented with a subject which can be viewed from many angles, having the ability to develop further on one of these perspectives to an extent which reflects my ability, likewise in law when you are presented with a case. In the sixth form I am part of the Law Society which helps me develop a further understanding of the process of sentencing as we have open debates and guest speakers. I also have a part-time job at a local store, where I have learnt to work well as a team and handle moments of intense pressure such dealing with issues that arise to ensure that customers are satisfied. I believe the skills I have gained will help me to succeed in a law career. I have also had an internship with Macs Magazine London as a writer. This enabled me to develop my analytical, researching and writing skills as I was assigned ten articles daily in different subject areas. My commitment to delivering the articles on time at the end of the day impressed the editor of the magazine and I was offered a place at the magazine as a junior writer. Over the summer I attended Falmouth University’s Summer School where I was able to get a real insight into the daily life of a university student. During this week, I studied a short course in journalism, which gave me a deeper understanding of how journalists use evocative and emotive language to influence the views of the general public. I feel that this is invaluable for a career in law as lawyers have to carefully word questions to rule the answer in their favour.
I believe that my experiences have equipped me with the skills required to become a conscientious law student. I am responsible, hardworking and deeply committed to pursuing a career in this profession. I look forward to the opportunities that I will have access to whilst studying, as well as playing a full part in university life.


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