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Illinois Tech has furnished me with astounding open doors for development over the previous 18 months. Coming to school, I resembled some other computer science students attempting their best to get on top of their the school work and endeavor to land a position at Google or Microsoft. For the entirety of my freshman year, I concentrated altogether on my grades and student organizations around campus and gave no further thought to seek out something out of my comfort zone. The associations I have been a part of, however, have proven to be important life lessons. I became a proactive person who starts organizations around campus and contributes to its growth rather than someone who supports something dispassionately. Come sophomore year, I decided to venture out of my comfort zones by attending and even winning several Hackathons and coding challenges around! One of the ventures I keep taking a shot at has been chosen to be exhibited before six hundred people at a financial technology conference later this year. While Illinois Tech has offered me an astounding opportunity to develop and wander out, its academic programs and research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship have been constrained.
Purdue frequently caught my eye when I drive from my parent’s home in Indianapolis to Chicago.So naturally, I started to google all that I could about the astonishing activities that Purdue brought to the table. One of the most wonderful things that caught my attention was “Cookies and Coding”, a video on Youtube about a group of students at Purdue figuring out how to code and socialize by having treats! It is such a basic idea, yet I have never observed anything like that. Before you know it, I was watching Prof. Jennifer Neville discuss AI at the annual Purdue technology conference and symposium. I could see myself investigating more about my major and take in more at Purdue. Student organizations on grounds such Enactus-Purdue, Purdue Entrepreneurial Organization, TedxPurdueU, and particularly SASE peaked my interest! Besides the student organizations and wonderful events being held, a standout amongst the most imperative things that got my attention was “Purdue Foundry” which enables trend-setters to change into business visionaries. Being a computer science student who is endeavoring to effectively start an organization by overseeing all the marketing, business, and the technical aspects, Purdue Foundry is something I have constantly needed. I could see myself working together with my fellow students by creating something great with the direction of mentors.
In general, Purdue’s great Computer Science education combined with available assets in the form of student organizations and talented faculty could enable me to understand my fantasies of being a dynamic trailblazer and a proactive Boilermaker!


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