I to heighten my knowledge of the environment I

I am applying to be a community economic
development facilitator in the peace corp. I will be assigned to a community in
Timor-leste east of Indonesia. Where I will be assigned a group of one or more
work partners. I will be training and advising the community in business
planning. Due to the economic limitations I will have to restructure develop
and implement an effective system. This system will help teach locals to manage
income and expenses to help stabilize the villages economy. I will have a great
opportunity to teach management skills to others.

organization will operate under distinctly different cultural norms than which
I am accustomed. These cultural differences may require me to learn to adapt to
the behavior of host country nationals at work and change my behavior to build
a respectful relationship.  As a result, my
position  will not look similar to
workplaces I am familiar with and may be challenging to navigate.  I am aware how most cultures are structured
but I may have to use the library and cultural center to heighten my knowledge
of the environment I will be going to. 

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sector in the peace corps I will be working in tangent with is Timor-Leste.
Timor-Leste is a young and vibrant democracy. Most communities have experience
with development projects sponsored by larger organizations, but want to
receive a different kind of assistance by partnering with Peace Corps
economically. The Peace Corp appreciates when volunteers work to change education,
through role modeling, inspiration and motivation. The work force in Timor-Leste
is made up of young people who not work or go to school. I will be educating
the local youth population in entrepreneurial skills. 

What may be the
biggest challenge is the living conditions. Undeveloped Infrastructure. Roads
and terrain may wash out and may be impassable during the rainy months. The Utilities
and telecommunication may vary depending on where I am working. Housing will be
with a host and their family. Many places independent housing is not an option.
Unwanted attention from the locals is possible and may be stressful. These are
a few things I will be addressed with for the duration of my job.

The Peace Corp has
a few goals. One is to help people of other countries to develop the work force
of equal men and women. The second is to spread a better understanding of
American culture. And final the visa versa is to help American to understand
other cultures. I am looking forward to this experience if I am chosen.

I am hoping to use
the colleges diversity-based environment to make myself stand out.  Living in multiple countries in my lifetime
gives me an edge on diversification and cultural shock. Above all I plan to use
the career center to heighten and develop a resume that will target that job. 


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