I time. This proves his personal initiative, drive and

I assumed the HOD responsibilities during June 2015. Besides providing the academic leadership, I am responsible to ensure that my students get wide industry acceptance based on their personal and professional performance, at the end of four-year bachelor degree in K L University. I am happy to extend my recommendations for Mr.Ch. Yatish Chandra, who has been under my guidance for last 2 years.

I discovered that Yatish was among the top 5 students among approx. 600 students who were pursuing Mechanical engineering at K L University. Besides, K L University provides him a fee redemption of 75% from his first semester to eighth semester for his academic excellence. Yatish had consistent GPA of 9.3 from his 3rd Semester. Such consistency in academics are appreciable and can come only out of fierce determination to improve at an individual level.

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As Yatish completes his 7th semester, he has undertaken 3 internships which is maximum in the entire class. He has done his training in a variety of organizations. He also learned German language at Goethe Institute up to B1 Level apart from his academics managing his time. This proves his personal initiative, drive and desire to learn. Yatish has carried out practical Mechanical Projects. His final year project in ‘High Pressure die casting of KSP left side cover of Honda’ carried at Eqic Dies and Moulds Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad is remarkable and unique. He has consciously planned well and worked hard to build a good foundation for himself.

Yatish is an Intelligent student, whose biggest strength lies in determination to add value to the work that he does, within and outside the classroom. He is curious and a self-motivated learner, punctual in his work and dedicated. At a personal level, he remained benevolent with each and everyone in his department and committed throughout the duration of his course in our institution

He is one of the few students who sincerely believe that excellence is a journey, not a destination. It is with the same confidence that I recommend him to your prestigious university. Under your expert guidance, I have no doubt that he will be able to demonstrate his intelligence and self-confidence, and continue to be an enterprising individual. Please do not hesitate to contact me through my mail address or telephone


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