I the elite schools in India accredited to Central

I write to you with the intention of showing my
interest and motivation in becoming part of the M.S program in the Coastal
Science and Policy Program at the University of California,  I respectfully submit this letter of
application, for I believe my academic background and experiences are well
qualified to meet the needs of the program.

It is the experience of immense possibilities, the
sheer number of ways in which I feel that I can make a difference in the
quality of life of individuals, societies, and world at large and draws me to a
new depth of the topic every time I pick up a book or undertake research. As a
result, I passionately look to undertake further studies in the Coastal
Science. I will initially understand and ultimately master the subject with a
long-term goal of undertaking research and developmental work to fully use this

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Today India is at the forefront of
industrialization. Large corporations and small businesses are involved in
continued activities of manufacturing where environmental protection and
conservation takes a back seat. This is particularly true for a country such as
India which sees rapid industrialization as a sole method for material wealth
and poverty alleviation. I hope to develop skills and knowledge that can
control and possibly reverse environmental degradation. 

I was born and brought up in Ahmedabad, which is a
metropolitan city. I finished my schooling at Kendriya Vidyalaya School,
Ahmedabad, one of the elite schools in India accredited to Central Board of
Secondary Education (CBSE). Right from the beginning of my studies, English was
the medium of instruction and this has added to my English language
proficiency. During school day I was fascinated by nature, biodiversity,  and interaction of biotic and abiotic
component. At the same time, it bothers me how natural resources are degrading
at the rapid rate and something should be done even at an individual level. And
this motivates me to take the ecology-based subject.

I have so far completed Master’s program in Climate
change with distinction. Throughout my studies, I have been exposed to
different aspects of scientific and analytical disciplines of science. Being a
climatologist, I am hoping to work on projects related to impacts on Marine
Biodiversity due to climate change.

After completing my studies I was associated with an
environment consultancy- Climate Care, where I was benefited of practical and
field-based knowledge. I came across various aspects of environmental
conservation at the local level.

After that, I was associated as Junior Research
Fellow with Gujarat Ecological Education and Research (GEER) Foundation. (It is
an autonomous body under the Gujarat forest department, India) where my love
for ecology and biodiversity got deepened. In GEER Foundation I was involved in
the collaborative study with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), New Delhi titled
“Renewable energy mapping and zoning assessment for Gujarat state with
respect to Ecosystems and Biodiversity”. Along with that, I was also a
part of a technical team of the project titled “Regional Climate
Variability and Disaster Patterns in the Wake of Climate Change: Case of
Gujarat State” (ISBN: 978-93-82799-05-4). 
I have loved every minute of my work: especially the opportunity to
participate in cutting-edge projects and discuss ideas with senior biologists.
Here I got a chance to meet and learn from various researchers and scientists
working on different aspects of ecology.

Currently, I am working as Junior Research Fellow of
M.G. Science Institute and Space Application Centre – Indian Space Research
Organization (SAC-ISRO) on a project titled “Desertification and Land
Degradation: Monitoring, Vulnerability Assessment and Combating Plans”.

I figured out that I need experts to guide me and
academicians with knowledge, experience, and research under their belt to take
me under their wings. It is then that I will reach my true potential and
succeed as I see myself in my dreams. I have realized that Coastal Science and
Policy Program at the University of California have one of the best programs
for understanding the Ecological and Marine Science, its conservation, and
management.  I am also excited to
interact with Professors and students whose work is closest to what I want to
pursue the original research component of the MS degree.

Today, human society is facing a universal
challenge-Climate change. As the developing country with an enormous
population, India is more vulnerable to the adverse effect of climate change
and disasters. With the complex and diverse terrain, it is more challenging to
tackle the impacts and effects. With a long-term goal of establishing my own
research and conservation-driven company in India, I now aim to complement my
education so far with study and knowledge on the latest developments in my
field of future operations.

Given my record of good academic achievement and the
strong interest in your research program, I am certain that, if given the
opportunity, I will enjoy working on the topics that ignite my curiosity the
most. In addition to my academic qualifications, I am confident that my
interdisciplinary background will meet your research school expectations.


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