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I admire how computers have made everyone’s day to day lives easier – from using mobile phones to be able to talk to someone thousands of miles from you, to life-saving technology used in hospitals and even supermarket checkouts that help supermarkets run smoothly and efficiently on a day to day basis. Computers have become very much a necessity and although I have not been interested in computers my whole life, I have always realised this. It was only around three years ago when I had decided to look at website developing through Wix.At first, I liked making things look aesthetically pleasing until I decided that I wanted to take time to learn how each individual website component worked. Using Notepad++ and research, I slowly taught myself HTML and CSS, utilising both to create a few websites. It was around this time that I had decided to look at computing courses within college. I wanted to be even more exposed to the world of computing and the different career paths I could take. Computing and the different aspects of it now interest and fascinate me greatly, and I would hope to pursue a career within the industry. After learning some website code, I decided to delve into the hardware side, after being asked by two family members to help build their gaming computers. I helped them research the best parts extensively and after finding multiple sources of how to find the best parts and how to build, we got to work. After this, I have helped numerous other family members fix computer hardware and software issues.Through current studies, I have learned skills that are specifically computing based. I have also learned skills that could be used across a range of subjects such as report writing and communication. I would love to have computing as my future, as the more I have learned through the different courses I have been a part of, the more I have enjoyed getting to know each individual element of computing and I would like to get to know everything in even more depth and learn new fundamental skills before deciding which area of study I would like to expertise in.Through a recent temporary job at Sainsbury’s, I was able to improve my confidence and people skills by interacting with customers and working very efficiently. I was also shown how to work various functions on the tills and given opportunities to quickly work out how to do something if I did not know how to do it already.Outside of computing, I really enjoy English, culture, and linguistics. I have been teaching English to foreign learners online for the past 4 years and I’ve loved every second. Through talking to these wonderful people, I have learned many life skills and even picked up a few recipes along the way. In fact, being able to communicate with others around the globe is another reason computing absolutely fascinates me. Just before taking up computing, I had also passed a catering course which allowed me to communicate effectively with those around me. A university education is a perfect way to be able to be able to follow a career path into the industry, and the opportunity to be able to study at your establishment would be very much appreciated.


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