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i am lomas bansal. i have done graduation in agricultural engineering from punjab agricultural university, india. i would like to write about my four week training in escorts limited, faridabad. there our team was assigned two projects first was automisation of paddy transplanter as it was a ongoing project and we had to fabricate different parts on it. By this training I was able to gain some knowlrdge about remote controls and fabrication. Second project assigned to us was hydroponics. I had heard about it from my professor. But neither I nor any member of team were completely familiar to it, so we did lot of research on internet and talked to our professors and were able to make blueprint of the project. We gathered information about suppliers and bought the materials needed like pumps, laterals, sprinklers but we were not getting required uniform discharge and than we changed sprinklers with microsprinklers and we got required uniform discharge and we were able to set up the project. By hydroponics we were able to save lot of water. I was surprised to know about practical application of hydroponics in dairy farming in which hydroponic nursery is used for raising fodder for cattles rather than using traditional method. it is fast and also saves lot of water. My B. Tech. project was Survey on status of mechanization in orchards of punjab. In this survey the data was collected through a survey by using a pre-devised performa that included personal details of farmers, details about orchards, available farm machinery and feedback about gaps and problems in mechanization. This project gave me knowledge about orchards.I always wanted to study abroad. I researched about different agriculture courses in canada. I came to know about sustainable agriculture and agribusiness programs there. I selected to study sustainable agriculture because i find courses of this program interesting and also because this program has a coop by which i will get practical knowledge about farms and canadian work culture. Another reason is during my training and project i came to know that by using minimum resourses like water in hydroponics and drip irrigation maximum productivity is posasible. In my future after completing this course i would like to study agribusiness also. After that I see myself working in an agriculture enterprise.


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