I other ideas even though those may be opposite

I believe I can
contribute towards the London Business School MSc in Management program via my
dedication, commitment, and international background. These combine with my
strong analytical skills, communication skills and becoming a great team player
will surely make me an efficient individual.

Through my
various internship experiences, I believe I possess both the aptitude and
qualifications to excel. During my second year at the University of Toronto, I
took an eight-month internship at Hydro One, a leading utility company in
Canada. I assisted the project manager in managing eight outsourcing power
transmission projects, by using the SAP system to manage the budgets and track
the project accomplishments. It was a significant learning experience and made me better understand my
strengths and skills, such as the ability to quickly identify discrepancies and
communicate these effectively to management so that problems can be solved.
Last summer, I worked for Accenture in China as a consulting project intern,
assisting the consultant to create the “three financial statements model” for
the client. By contacting with the client to get feedback, I further improved
my communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills.

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working on many projects at University has taught me the power of teamwork. I
have learned to listen patiently to other ideas even though those may be
opposite to mine. My experience has taught me that to become an active team
player; I should do every bit I can do to make the team function properly and
inspire other members. I also have observed that a diverse group works more efficiently
and is more successful than a group, which has all identical profiles. The more
different perspectives in a team, the more vibrant the discussions are and the
more creative on projects.

With living and
working experiences in China and Canada, I would like to share my multinational
experiences, perspectives, and open-minded personality with other LBS students.
I enjoy cooperating with people with diverse cultural background on challenging
coursework, which make me adaptable to alternative ways of thinking and
approaches to problems. LBS, as a prestigious institution, attracts talented
people with strong passion in business from all over the world to study,
advance their careers and share diverse values and experiences. I am fascinated
by the chances to encounter multi-cultural communications with different people
and together thrive to make a difference in our lives.


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