I of others. When I was employed in this




I would select one
of the two candidates who stood out from the rest due to the perspective of
their service as well as the performance record. I will make this decision
because the organization is greater than any individual and I must place its
welfare before the interest of others. When I was employed in this
organization, I promised to be committed to doing anything which will have a
positive impact on this agency and its stakeholders. Moreover, having qualified
individuals in various positions will bring about growth and development in the
future regarding number of clients it will be serving. It is always good to do
what is right regardless of the feeling of others.

Picking the best
candidate for this position will make the rest of the candidates feel satisfied
with the way the process will be handled. Otherwise, choosing a candidate
without qualification while there are others who deserved it defies the
organization ethics. It is a scenario which might defame this agency, and I
will be answerable. Besides, going for the candidate who is the best choice of
Lieutenant Position will enable the agency to stand a good chance of achieving
the established goals. He will create a conducive atmosphere for others, set a
reasonable network and form teams to push forward the agency’s agenda.
Moreover, he will use his skill and experience in contributing to the solution
for the challenges the organization has been facing.

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I will call the
mayor’s assistance and try to explain my position. I will let him understand
why it is essential to select a candidate based on merit because if we go for
the one who does not have the qualifications for the position our organization
will be at stake. Therefore, it will be essential to put our selfish interest
aside and pursue what will work to the advantage of our company. The
Lieutenants position is quite sensitive, and it requires an individual with
what it takes to handle it appropriately. Besides, the head of the agency has
trust and confidence in me that I am capable of making the right decision. It
is imperative to stand my ground and not allow other people to influence my
choice of the best candidate for this position. I will explain to the Mayor,
and I hope that he will understand and work with me during the consideration of
the next annual budget. (Kaner, 2014).

Whenever I am
faced with a similar situation, I take time before making the decision. As a
leader, the future of this organization depends on what I am doing and the
effort I am putting in place to achieve the set goals. I would not want to do
something which will not augur well with the future of this agency because I
will have failed in my role. Besides, I might destroy the good reputation of
the company, hence, discourage the clients. The competitors may take advantage
of the situation and absorb out clients who might lead to collapsing of this

Such scenarios are
common in many organizations. Leaders of various departments are confronted
with dilemmas of doing what is a right or pleasing individual at the expense of
organization welfare. It takes courage to do what is right despite the urge to compromise
which creates enmity and conflicts in the working place.


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