I my strong work ethic demonstrates that I am

I am applying for the position of
clinical assistant I in the Gastroenterology Processing Unit at Boston
Children’s Hospital. I graduated in May 2017 from Boston University with a
bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Pre-medicine. Upon reviewing the responsibilities
of being a clinical assistant, I certainly see this position as a valuable
opportunity to contribute the skills and knowledge I have derived from my
research and clinical experiences, academic studies, and diverse background.


My diligence and persistence are well
displayed in my work experiences as a research assistant. Working as a research
assistant in the Laboratory of Addictive Disorders at Boston University School
of Medicine, I was involved in providing assistance to graduate students and
post-doctoral fellows in a wide range of tasks such as handling and preparing
animal models for intracranial surgeries, conducting behavioral experiments,
performing injections independently, and applying various molecular techniques
to investigate a particular biological mechanism. Despite the long hours of
running experimental sessions, I was committed to complete the tasks that were
assigned to me and dedicated much of my time and effort even into most tedious
work such as preparing for a new experimental session or cleaning up after
sessions were complete. I often volunteered to spend extra time in lab, often
in evenings and weekends to run behavioral experiments. Overall, my strong work
ethic demonstrates that I am not only committed to the assigned
responsibilities but also passionate about the opportunities that are provided
to me.

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I am also prepared to interact with
patients as well as collaborate effectively with other workers in the unit. As
a sophomore in college, I was offered a great opportunity to work alongside Dr.

Jeremy Wiygul and observe his clinical practice at first hand. This was a
rewarding experience for me as it enabled me to investigate the different
responsibilities of medical professionalism and come to an understanding that
physicians are not only obligated to diagnose patients and provide treatments
but also responsible for maintaining effective physician-patient interactions
by making patients feel comfortable and secure as one human caring for another.

Furthermore, through my leadership position as a representative and membership
chair of KSEA (Korean American Scientists and Engineers Association), I have
developed strong interpersonal skills such as taking active part in
discussions, communicating my voice clearly to the members, and collaborating
with other team leaders to accomplish tasks in a timely manner. If given the
opportunity, I hope to make a valuable contribution to effective patient care. 


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