I. it is almost impossible to imagine an architect,



Computer graphics has been in used in
people’s lives already for decades. In the present, it is almost impossible to
imagine an architect, engineer, or interior designer who could work without a
graphics workstation. During the last few years, there has been a rapid and momentous
development of technology that requires faster and better computer equipment. With
virtual reality, it is possible even for an average user to move into the world
full of computer graphics and artificial environment.

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Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is an artificial
environment which is typically related to computer technologies that use software to
generate the realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a
real environment. Virtual reality is possible to use with computer then primarily
experienced through two of the five senses: sight and sound. But if we will use
special moving platforms, some additional windmill, smell and similar then we
can experience virtual reality with our five senses.




      How we can use Virtual Reality in our normal life?


Virtual Reality
gives us a lot of possibilities. It not only to helps us to explore completely
different worlds from which we currently live, as for example in games where we
can feel even more like we are part of this artificial world.


Virtual Reality
is also use for training new skills and also can helps us enhance and plan for
operations. The good example for using virtual reality is Air Force training
for new pilots. It gives possibility to save money and is safer.



There is a lot of things which we
can do with Virtual Reality. In upcoming years, we can expect a significant
growth in the popularity of Virtual Reality, as well as the rapid development
of this technology. The prognoses says that Virtual Reality will bring up to
2.300 Million US Dollar with even the doubled sales in the years 2017 (“Virtual
Reality – Prognose zum Umsatz weltweit bis 2018 | Statistik,” n.d.). Oculus
Rift selled 60.000 DevKid1s (Vrland, n.d.) and 45.000 DevKids2 until July 1st
2014 (cybereality, 2014), which indicates that the market is growing and more people
are becoming interested in and aware of the technology.



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