I human. His committed genocide upon minorities such as

I find the biological definition of human useless, because we know that there is more to humanism than meets the eye. We know that being human is more than a species because we see people denying others humanity despite being the same species. This happens on a macro level when governments refuse to acknowledge the existence of certain ethnicities. It also happens on a micro level, everytime I dehumanize someone by imagining myself more complex or intellectual. It’s easy for me to understand that I contain information that others don’t, but rather than thinking that they have the same potential, I see them as inferior. It’s hard for me to understand what makes people, people. People say what makes us people is that we can share stories across time. There are many people who can’t tell or hear stories because of their disabilities, yet they are still people. We often associate reading and writing with being human, but there are many people who can’t read or write, but aren’t they human too? This goes on for many definitions of human/people, they often exclude the poorest, sickest, or the most oppressed. They exclude the minorities, the what ifs, the rare instances. This way of defining a human is dangerous up to an extent. For example, from years 1933-1945, Hitler, denied the fact that Jews are also human. His committed genocide upon minorities such as Jews, homos, gypsies, etc… That is not only a problem in history but today as well, in order to be treated as a full human, you not only need a body and a soul, but also an iD card upholding to a certain citizenship. The world doesn’t treat every human being the same. Factors such as wealth, race, sex, age, and more depend on how you are treated. We tend to be capable of empathy, respect, and good, but in these respects we are no different from animals. Stuck inside my own mind, I have no way of verifying that others are even human. There’s a small chance that everyone else is a robot that is programed to act exactly like a human. I might the only human on earth, but I choose not to believe that. I believe that when we acknowledge each other’s complexity, we lead better lives. I think that we are human because we believe in other peoples humanity, and because we can listen, and we can work together to lessen others suffering. I being human is something that we are and we must look up to be.


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