I him how ever I feel like doing it.

I have the perfect punishment for my naughty little boys. If anyone ever defies me or tries to tell me no. There is a punishment that I dole out that will make them never do it again. Unless of course they are really naughty little boys and really want me to do it to them over and over. First I need my supplies: enema, elbow length rubber glove, petroleum jelly, silk rope, ball gag, and last but not least a cock ring. I have the naughty boy lay down or force him to lay down on his belly with his legs dangling off the bed. Then I tie his hands to the head board and his feet to each leg post so he cannot move. Then I pump his tiny little pathetic dick until it gets as hard as it can, usually only 3 inches in length. Once he is as hard and dripping as I can make him, I put that cock ring on that tiny dick so he cannot cum no matter how hard he may want to. Then that little boy knows something bad is coming.I make sure to tell him what he did that I am punishing him for. “You talked back to me in public.” “You did not wear your diaper to work.” “You told me no when I wanted you to put a butt plug in.” Or any other offence he leveled my way. I remind that little boy that he is mine and I can do whatever I want to him how ever I feel like doing it. He isn’t worth having respect or being treated like an adult. As I continue to berate that naughty little boy, I am filling his bowels with the enema liquid. Once 10 minutes have past I allow him to release the liquid being held in his body. “Now that you are all clean inside it is time for your punishment.” They always start to cry then, as they thought the punishment was done and over. I listen to him cry and beg as I put on my extra-long rubber glove. Then I open the petroleum jelly and coat my gloved hand with a copious amount. Slowly I start to insert my fingers into is virgin ass. I don’t rush as I don’t want to actually damage my little boy’s bottom. But he still doesn’t need to feel the sting so he will never try to bring my wrath onto him again. Soon I have three fingers up that tight ass stretching him as wide as I can. His blubbering tears don’t bother me at all, as I shove my fourth finger in deep. Then as soon as his crying calms down a bit, I shove in my thumb. I can tell he doesn’t think he can take much more, but I am going to make him. So I curl my thumb under my fingers and shove my fist deep into his gut. “Mommy is fisting your little ass baby boy, do you think you will ever disobey me again?” They always sob no.


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